Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Week 1 - MTC! Holla Mi Familia!

                                                                                                           January 31, 2015
Surprise! My preparation day is on Saturday! 

You will never guess what! After a day or so at the MTC, they instructed me to learn Spanish! That means I have quite a bit of time left in the MTC! WHAT!

Just kidding. haha! But I do have 4 spanish roommates, so my companion and I are picking up a little bit of spanish here and there. 

So, there is a lot to say and so little time to type it all! This might end up being somewhat of a novel, similar to Heidi's, but, oh well. ;)

 First and foremost, I am doing well! I love it here at the MTC! They keep us all so busy so there is little time to think about home, family, and friends. But, don't you worry because you are all in my prayers! 

Speaking of prayers, Nate was so right. I feel as though I have prayed more here than I ever have before. We pray before everything. But, it is so awesome because it brings us so much closer to Christ and the spirit. 

So, I have an adorable companion, and an AMAZING district! My companion is Sister Speikerman (Speaker-man). She is so dedicated and so focused and I really admire her for that. She keeps me focused and on task when others in our district are being a little goofy. She is from Northern Utah and when asked what people know her for, her response is being a nerd. Yeah, she's fun! We are getting along very well. She is just what I needed for an MTC companion. 

I really really love my district. There are 4 sisters, and 4 elders. The saddest thing is my companion and I are the only ones going to Toronto. The other 6 missionaries are going to the SLC South Mission. You will have to ask Aunt Ann to see if that is there mission. If so, they have some wonderful missionaries coming their way! Both my companion and I agree that everyone missionary in our district is just so full of knowledge and stories and it seems as though everyone is a powerhouse! On our second day, we were able to meet our Branch President,  President Mosher. During that time, he us that my companion and I will be leaving next Monday, two days before everyone else in our district. I basically started crying... The thought of leaving them is hard, but leaving before they leave is even harder. But, we  have emails, and everything will be okay. I need to go to Toronto. I just wish they could all come with! 

So, I will kind of run you through the days really quickly because, why not. 

Day one, after saying goodbye to Mom and Dad, they swept me into the MTC, got me all set up with my name tags and everything. We dropped my suitcases off in my room which was super messy. The spanish sisters have been here for two weeks, and had no clue they would be getting two more roommates! So, my companion and I just left our bags there and didn't end up doing the small amount of unpacking we actually did until later that night after they returned to their room and we were able to work some things out. Anywho, we met our district and started to get to know everyone pretty well. Later, we met our teachers and went through a ton of orientation stuff. I feel like I don't remember much of it... It was all very much a blur. But we did have an awesome workshop about People and our Purpose. My group was directed by one of the Elders from the District so that was pretty neat! 

Day two! We woke up, got ready, went and studied, eat breakfast, went back to study study study and another workshop, eat lunch, study study study, eat dinner, then meet with our Branch Presidency. There, I got the assignment to play piano in church next Sunday because I am the only one who can play even just a couple hymns in my entire district. Go piano! :) hehe My companion and I have also been asked to be the Sister Training Leaders for our zone. That will go into effect this Sunday afternoon I believe. Side note, I ran into Elder Nielson during breakfast. From what I could tell he is doing well! He appreciated the kneaders package! I finally got mine last night and am excited to try some of it a little later. 

Day three, much of the same thing. We talked a lot about the Doctrine of Christ and learned quite a few cool things. Basically, at least in my opinion, the Doctrine of Christ are a bunch of simple truths, all of which just bring us closer to our Heavenly Father! It was a neat lesson. After dinner, my companion and I had the opportunity to teach our first investigator Ryan. Oh my goodness it was scary. We had planned to teach him about a couple different things, but had to abandon those plans and stick to prayer and Heavenly Father. We will have another lesson with him tonight. So, I will let you know how that goes! 

Today is Day four. Preparation day! The days are just flying by! We get to go to the temple after lunch and we are all so excited. 

I really am doing well. I am growing so close to the spirit, and to Christ. I am learning so much about the gospel and about how to be an effective missionary. I am growing and changing and it is awesome. I am having so much fun with my district. They are all so neat and so friendly. We all enjoy each other's company. They keep me going and on track, and for that I am so grateful. I am putting a letter in the snail mail today mainly for Kelly and Karly. But, I love you all so much! Have a great week!

Sister Robison
 My companion Sister Speikerman and I with the other sisters in our district
(My companion is the short one with the short black hair)
Our district with some of the members of our Branch Presidency.
My District at Dinner Last Night.

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