Monday, August 15, 2016

What Has My Mission Meant to Me.....A Letter to President Shields

What has the mission meant to me? Well, this is a big topic! Haha! 

As I reflect back upon the last year and a half, it's hard not to get overwhelmed! I have loved every moment of it! I have had a lot of downs and a lot of ups! I have been to my lowest lows, and probably my highest highs up to this point in my life! I am truly grateful for every moment! 

The mission has really shaped me. I have learned SO much! I feel that I am finally starting to truly understand the Gospel. I am finally starting to really understand my purpose here on Earth and my relationship with my Heavenly Father and my Savior. Some of my most spiritual experiences have come as I have simply gotten on my knees and started talking to my Heavenly Father. Pleading with Him, seeking His help and guidance, and then listening to His counsel. 

I have truly had JOY as I have been able to serve God. I have been able to see His hand in the work. I have been able to see how He used us, His imperfect servants, to go about and DO the things that He needs Done! The best moments have been when my companions and I receive and act upon spiritual promptings and then see the fruits that come from those labors and the immediate tender mercies and miracles. 

From the experiences that I have had, I have come to know that Jesus Christ is my Savior. He knows and loves me! Heavenly Father is my Father! He loves me just like my earthly father does, if not more! 

I know that the mission has helped to shape and mold me. I know that I will never forget these experiences and that it will affect the way I go about for the rest of my life! 

I am truly grateful for this time that I have had. I know that God loves us. I know that He sent His Son for us. I know that Jesus Christ has made salvation and even exaltation possible. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is really and truly the Lord's kingdom once again upon the earth. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and reading it daily will change our lives. I know these things because I have prayed. I have asked God. and I have tested it all out. Nothing can shake my foundation of these things. My foundation is in Christ. He is my rock and I will not step off. The Gospel is true. I know it. 

These few words cannot express all of what I feel in my heart, but it is a start. I don't think I could ever put to words what the mission has truly meant. It has shaped and changed my life. I have been humbled and I am more prepared to go and do what the Lord desires of me today, tomorrow, and forever! 

I am thankful! Just so thankful! 

Thank you President! For the example of you and your wife and for being here in the CTM with us! It is the best! I love it and I love you both! Press forward! The work is great and there is always more to do! It never ends! :) 

I close this email in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen. 

Much love, Sister Robison

Week 79 - The last and final email. How strange eh? :)

                                                                                        August 15, 2016

A year and a half has flown by! I can't believe it has been that long and I also feel like it has been so much longer! 

Well, this week has possibly been the longest week of my life! hahaha! It has been good. :) It is so sad to think about leaving Ontario. I have grown to love the people here so much. 

It was a busy busy week! We had exchanges Monday night to Tuesday night with the Hermanas! That means BUS AREA! I enjoyed being on the buses one last time! People on there can be crazy.. and awesome! Hermana Mosquera is SO full of energy and kept me on my toes and going! By the time we got to our last lesson on the exchange- which was all in spanish- I had to work HARD to not fall asleep because of the heat and just tiredness from working hard! It was hilarious! :) I didn't understand most of the lessons and the contacts, but it was a good fun day in the Spanish area! :) 

Wednesday morning, I had my final distrcit meeting! We talked a lot about prayer. It was powerful! A good one to end on! We ended it all by taking some funny pictures. I'll attach them so you can laugh with me. :) 

Thursday afternoon I got to go to the temple with the other departing missionaries! Normally we would go the Tuesday right before we leave, but it will be closed for cleaning. I love the temple. :) Throughout the session, it was hard to gather my thoughts. I just felt very everywhere. I was able to talk to another sister-Sister Penrod- after, and she felt the same. I AM NORMAL! It was really a huge relief. hahaha :) One of the best parts was being able to talk to her about everything we were both feeling. She will be going to BYU as well. It will be good to be there with her and relate to her! 

After the session, we took pictures. And guess what! Elder Robison was there! Then something really awkward happened... we got permission to hug... SO FUNNY and SO STRANGE! I don't know how I am going to survive at BYU... What made it even better was President Shields came up and kinda awkwardly joined in... hahaha. I was dying. And everyone else was just sitting there watching it all happen. So funny. :) 

Thursday evening we exchanged with our Hamilton STL's. This means I got to go to Hamilton with SISTER BELL for my final exchange! :) I JUST LOVE HER! I am so thankful for her. I can't even tell you how much! It was a really good day. It was probably the hottest it has been yet this summer and we went out and we just worked and worked and worked and found lots of prepared people! :) It was great. We really had fun. :) I am going to miss her! 

The rest of the week pretty much carried out as normal! We did good normal missionary things. It rained a ton on Saturday and the pouring rain led us to find a really sweet potential for the YSA sisters. This girl is totally going to get baptized!!
 We also had an appointment set up with a part member family. We didn't have their apartment number though, and they never answered their phone... so, we showed up at their apartment anyways! We, by the grace of God, got in. Then, one of the elevators randomly opened. Scary, but sweet! (Side note funny story. The Elevator began to close when Sister Smoot hopped in and it didn't stop closing! So, it closed. There we were. Her on the inside and me on the outside. Neither of us being able to see each other! No bueno! But then I pressed the button and it opened again.. :) Fun times!) We both thought about floor 4. So, to floor four we went! No, we didn't find the family. But, the first door we knocked on was a guy that used to go to the church in Brussels! What the! What are the chances of that ever happening? He was not interested at this point in time, but we were able to give him a card with our number and the church address. One day, he will come back! God is real my friends. 

Sunday, I just wanted to cry at church. That is all. haha! The Spanish Elders had a baptism after church and I conducted the spanish musica! Ole! :P Haha! Then, we met with the Bishop and his wife to go over the ward list for Sister Smoot. Bishop made us Apple Pie Milkshakes. They were delicious. You have to try it. :) 

I had my departing interview last night. It was not at all what I thought it would be like... But, none the less, it was good! :) 

Am I ready to come home? No.. But I don't think I really will ever be. I don't think it has hit me yet! haha! Ah! So scary. But, I am excited to see all of your faces and hug you all! :) I know that there is still work for me to do in the kingdom of God. For that reason I am excited to carry on and find new and creative ways to serve Him! The  mission is over, but true discipleship never ends! 

I am truly grateful for this time that I have had. I know that God loves us. I know that He sent His Son for us. I know that Jesus Christ has made salvation and even exaltation possible. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is really and truly the Lord's kingdom once again upon the earth. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and reading it daily will change our lives. I know these things because I have prayed. I have asked God. and I have tested it all out. Nothing can shake my foundation of these things. My foundation is in Christ. He is my rock and I will not step off. The Gospel is true. I know it. 

In the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen. 

See you soon! Much love! 
Sister Katie Robison :) 


-Hermana Mosquera! From Columbia! She is wonderful!

-My "Funeral"... I pretty good at faking dead eh? :)

The "Dying" Sisters

-hahahahaha that one time I hugged my cousin and President Shields joined in....

We had to get a normal one as well. :) 

More dying missionaries. ahhh

The companion that proposed to me, aka Sister Bell. ;)

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Week 78 - Roses are Red and Violet is Baptized!

                                                                                                                                       August 8, 2016
Well, hello again! 

This week has been so long and so short all in one. It has been crazy! We've been inside a lot which has made it a little hard.. Feels like we had more meetings than we did lessons.

Things are just going, and time is just going, and I don't quite know what to do with myself other than just keep missionarying. ... I know that's not a real word, but that's all that I can think of at this point in time. :) 

Violet was baptized this Saturday, and I wanted to take some time to write about her! She is just wonderful. Potentially one of the funniest people I have ever met.. hahaha, she just makes me grin from ear to ear! :) 

Violet has been meeting with missionaries since before Christmas. At first, at least to my knowledge, it was more of a social thing. She liked having them over and she enjoyed how she felt. Shortly before I got to Mississauga, Violet turned herself over to the Lord and took a break from the missionaries. Then, right before I came in, she took back what she did. She noticed that something was missing. Since that time, she has been sincerely learning. She has learned and grown so much! We started over with the lessons and did our best to help her develop friendships and find friends and feel the love our Savior has for her! 4 months and many miracles, tears, and cigaretts later, here we are! :D Violet was able to overcome her addiction to smoke. Since after about the first week, we really haven't heard any thing else about her desires to smoke! God has really taken a more active role in her life. She is a changed person. She has so much more hope and purpose in her life. She is feeling better and looking better! She is just so awesome! I know as she continues to learn and grow, the gospel is going to continue to change her life and to help her! 

The baptism went really well! The spirit was SO strong. One of the highlights of the service was the special musical number! Elder Flint and Sister Smoot and I sang "Lord I Would Follow Thee." Violet started to cry. It was hard to refrain from crying myself! AHhhh!!! I just love it! I love her and I am so happy for her!! Something else that was neat was that in her confirmation blessing, she was blessed to be able to follow the spirit to find someone to marry in the temple. ETERNAL FAMILIES! 

So wonderful. THE CHURCH IS SO TRUE! This also makes me grin from ear to ear. The Lord is so wonderful. This work is so wonderful. I am thankful for this time that I have to serve with all my heart, might, mind, and strength! :) 

We have a good week lined up ahead of us with 2 more exchanges, many lessons, my final district meeting, and lots of time to see lots of miracles! It will be good. I am excited. :) 

Next week I will be sending President Shields an email all about what the mission has meant to me. I imagine I will just be forwarding it on. So, look forward to that! It should be a good one! :) 

God loves you and so do I! Have a blessed and safe week! 
Love you! 

Sister Robison
-GRACE! I finally got that package! THANK YOU! I LOVE IT! 

-VIOLET! :) 

Saturday morning training! Don't mind the double chin... :[] haha... 
The Church is true, the Book is Blue! Sister Smoot and I with our Zone Leaders! After our Zone Council we put on. Funny people. Please also take special note of Elder Monson in the back. :P 

-The young women made us dinner, so we heart attacked their 
chalk board before their class! :)  They're the Best!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Week 77 - God is so Good!!!

                                                                                                                     August 2, 2016

So many tender mercies this week! I am so grateful! This work is so real and God continues to constantly show us that! Lots of great things have happened this week, but I want to share 2 of the best with you! :) 

**Warning, these stories might make little to no sense... I am not a good story teller.. But, it was cool, I promise!**

On Wednesday we taught our new investigator Jennifer! We had contacted her outside her house while her sister was over and shared some about the restored gospel. We then set up a time to come back and got a phony number from her sister. We were nervous things weren't going to pan out. But, when we got there, she was sitting there waiting for us! She made us slightly nervous when she told us her husband wasn't super happy about two mormons coming over.. We got a little more nervous when he walked in 5 minutes after we started the lesson.. But! Miracles my friends. We rounded him up and invited him to join us! Together, they sat there and listened as we taught about the Church Jesus Christ had established, how it had been lost, and then about how it has been Restored through a living day prophet because God loves us all that much. After sharing the first vision, Jennifer remarked that it gave her goose bumps! It was a wonderful time to testify of the Holy Ghost and how He teaches us truth. We continued on and taught about The Book of Mormon, and her husband Sam got so excited! He was puzzled to know why he hadn't heard of it before and started asking more and more questions to understand it. They are so excited to learn more. SO cool! Jennifer grew up atheist. She went to church for the first time after she had attempted taking her life. That is when her faith in Christ began to flourish. Sam was born in Jerusalem. He has been a Christian for a long time, but he is excited to strengthen that faith. They have many kids from other marriages/relationships, but together have a little baby boy named Isaiah after the Bible prophet. Anywho, they are just so cool! :) The spirit was so strong in their lesson and we are so excited to come back and teach them more this next week! 

On Friday we got an awesome text from one of our members about her landlord! We had gone over to visit her during one of the first weeks of the transfer and were late to the appointment because we were having a great gospel discussion with her Landlord Dan. We had talked about the basic beliefs of our religion, as well as The Book of Mormon. Crazy enough, he had just picked one up from his church a few weeks earlier with the intent of reading it in the future. He expressed a desire to read it and meet with us more, but didn't know when he would be able to since they were headed out of town. We weren't able to get a number, but knew we would be able to get in touch through our member. Well, Friday, we got a text from our member expressing that she had talked to Dan about us! He wanted to meet with us sometime in the next few weeks! We were so excited and decided to try dropping by that night! We did and they weren't home... sad. 
That night in planning, we had some time to fill and decided to go out and Blitz (hang up ESL flyers). When we started to think about where, a random plaza came to my mind. I first pushed the idea aside. But, a few more seconds went by and nothing else came, so I told Sister Smoot about my idea and we decided to go! I felt that it was an impression from the spirit, but I was totally confused. The plaza is not that busy of a place and neither is the street right in front of it. Usually we like to Blitz in busy and diverse areas so we can contact people as we do it and find those that are prepared! Well, we got to the plaza and decided to go in this little French Bakery to see if we could hang up a poster in there. As we went in we saw this guy that kinda looked familiar, but neither of us could place him. We had talked to the store owner and he respectfully declined us hanging anything up. So, we were about to leave when the familiar looking man approached us. (and of course, you can guess it who it was... (: )  It was Dan! Woah! Miracles! Here he is in this random little french bakery off to the side, far away from his home. And, here we were! In this little french bakery that isn't very buys, trying to hang up ESL flyers because that is where God told us to go. It was just so sweet. We were able to talk to him for a few more minutes and grab his number so that we could reach out and contact him come next Sunday when he and his family are back in town. 

I am just so grateful! SO grateful for everything! haha! I love this work! I love seeing the hand of God in our lives so perfectly each and every day! Jesus Christ is real. God is real. The Holy Ghost is real. The Book of Mormon is true. The Church of Jesus Christ is on the earth today. Hallelujah!!! :) 

I want to invite all of you to pray to recognize the little miracles and tender mercies in your life each day! I can promise you God will open your eyes as He has mine! He is so involved. We just don't always see it. :) 

A few other quick highlights: 
- We had a Jolly July District Meeting and even took a Christmas Card Photo! So fun. :) 
-The Mississauga Libraries are no longer on strike! We are happy about that! And, Canada Post never went on strike.. oh Canada. How I love you. :) 
-Yesterday was Ontario Day! Hence emails today. 
-This week I ate Korean food for the first time. ... I am just really glad I am serving in Canada. I get a taste of all these different cultures, but there is still lots of normal canadian/american food. The mission has taught me that I can be a picky eater.. :) 
-Violet will be getting Baptized on Saturday! We are so excited for her. She is doing awesome. She is truly converted. She still has lots to learn, as do all new converts, but she is so excited and ready for this step in her life. :) 
-This week is going to FLY by! We have preparation day on Tuesday, MLC on Wednesday, Exchanges all day Thursday, Zone Council on Friday, and Violet's baptism on Saturday! Wooh! Crazy fun. :) 

Time is winding down. I will be home on the 17th. It gives me even more of a reason to just be grateful for God's hand. I love the mission. I love the work. I love the people. I am just going to soak every second of it up and you should do the same! Life is precious. Let us enjoy it eh? :) 

Have a great week! Take lots of love and care and luck and prayer! :) 

xo Sister Robison 

PONDERIZE: 2 Nephi 2:25

-Well, this happened... haha .... CHICKEN AND WAFFLES! 

-Some of my awesome Daily Dose (ESL) Students! :)

- The C N TOWER!


Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 76 - Helloooooooo

                                                                                                                                        July 25th, 2016

This week has been wonderful as always! My biggest goal right now is just to savor every moment of each day. It is the best! 

We found out that Elder Ballard will be coming to Ontario on August 20th! If things go how they are planned right now, I will miss him by just 3 days! So, I decided to just simply ask my mission president if there is any way I could stay. I don't think I will be able to.. I am pretty sure that my travel plans have been finalized and so forth, but, it never hurts to ask! :) 

We went on exchanges with the Hermanas this week! Super fun! I was blessed to go to their area- THE BUSES! Blessed are the buses. Hermana Bahadur and I had a lot of fun. It was a really good day. We joked and lived it up, and also saw many tender mercies from the Lord.Their area is growing and it is so exciting to see! We are excited for them and their hard work. :) 

We also went on exchanges with the Etobicoke Sisters! This time I stayed in Mississauga. :( (I love etobicoke!) But, it was a good day none the less! We had some great lessons with some wonderful people! We are excited to see them all progress! The funnest part of my exchange with Sister Anthony was when we went to contact a referral after dinner. They weren't home, so we started to work in the area. It was awesome! Almost no one answered their door which was not so awesome... but we were able to talk to some cool people and had a lot of fun while doing it all! :) 

One of the highlights for the week! Sister Smoot and I went to contact a referral (we've received a lot of those lately. Blessings!) and they were not home. So, we started to talk to everyone we saw in the area! We were able to start talking with a lady named Rosie. We told her we share a 15 minute message with people about Christ, and she simply responded with, "Okay, let's hear it!" So, we started to teach the restoration! But, her kids were running around everywhere, and it was just scatterbrained. Before we got through it all, the conversation ended and they went inside. One of those things that happens as a missionary. 
Well, after that conversation, it came time for us to start heading home. As we were walking back to our car, we passed a door, and Sister Smoot got a funny look on her face- like she was deep in thought. For some reason (the spirit) she felt like we needed to go knock on number 3. We love following the promptings of the spirit, and so of course we went and knocked on the door! A YSA guy came to the door. We started to talk to him about what we do as missionaries, and about how we help people strengthen their faith. We then asked him questions about his faith. He started talking about prayer and how he has received some answers to prayer. Directed by the spirit, we then connected that thought of prayer to Joseph Smith and his experience. We shared the first vision story with him right there on his  door step, and the the Spirit was SO STRONG! The message we gave was simple and clear. The spirit testified boldly. It was so neat. :) It turns out he is originally from Cuba and speaks Spanish. So, the Spanish elders will be going back to teach him later this week. SO COOL! 

It's experiences like these that I LOVE. Being able to see how we can be led by God to those who are prepared. We don't know where or who they are. We don't know what to say or do. But, as we listen to the promptings of the Spirit, God tells us and helps us. He leads and guides us! I am so grateful!!!! :) 

I've been reading and studying my Patriarchal Blessing a lot this week. My oh my. I love it! So much comfort, direction, and peace come as I read those words. I am so sad that my time as a missionary will soon be over. But, at the same time, there is still so much work for me to do for God after. My service as a full time missionary might end, but my service as a disciple of Christ will never end! My purpose now will still be my purpose a month from now, a year from now, and in the far future. Helping other come unto Christ. That is what this life is ALL about. I am so grateful for that! :) 

I love you all! So terribly much! I hope you have a great week and enjoy every moment of it! :) 

Sister Robison 

PONDERIZE: your choice! (aka, I haven't found one yet... ;))

Sister Smoot and I trying to relax at night. :)


It was really hot this week (113 F)

Sister Anthony and I! She's cool. :)

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Week 75 - Oh My. Here You Go!

                                                                                                                                            July 11, 2016 

Well, time is just going and I've decided I don't like it! Haha.. I am terrified. Of what? I don't know... everything... haha. Well, I'll get over it. At some point... hah! 

This week was a party. We even saw Batman in his Batmobile on our way from Brampton. (pictures to follow) ;) 

Anyways, good stuff! Besides the whole internally freaking out thing, I have been doing really well! I have been feeling the spirit strongly each and every day in the various things we have been doing. Cool eh?! Finally doing something right to have His companionship! :) haha, it's good. 

Well, first off, my companion! Sister Smoot! Companion numero 12! :) She is awesome! She is from Kaysville UT! Yay! We are actually really similar and can relate in a lot of ways that I haven't been able to relate to other companions. So, it's awesome! We are enjoying it. :) She is just so cute and so good and just what I need for this next little bit! I am grateful. 

Second, Mississauga! Our area is officially under renovations. We are turning lots of people over to the Lord. They just aren't quite ready. We spent a lot of time this week in weekly planning cleaning things out and preparing it all for a great transfer. It has been impressed upon both of our minds that it is time for us to pray and plead with the Lord for the desires of our hearts. Then, to get up and go out and work work work! As we've been praying to find those that are prepared, we have seen many wonderful miracles! Like what you ask? Let me tell ya'. :) 

- Shalina! Shalina is Indian and, based off a conversation we had with her mom the first time we called, we are pretty sure she grew up Hindu. But, as we met and talked with her a little, she expressed to us that she has been going through a lot of challenges the past 15 years of her life and through it all she has come to know that Jesus is the Christa and that God is there. She had requested a bible through our website. When we showed up to give it to her, she was just filled with gratitude. We were able to talk and testify of the Book of Mormon as well, and invite her to follow Jesus Christ's example and be baptized! The spirit was so strong. It was wonderful. :)  

-The TEMPLE! We received special permission from President Sheilds to go to the Temple with our New Convert Shaun! So, Saturday morning we got to go to the temple with the ward and support Shaun as she did Proxy Baptisms! Happy was the day Shaun got baptized. Happier was the day I saw Shaun in the temple being baptized for her beloved Grandmother. Filled with Joy. That is the only way I can describe how it felt. :) It was amazing! I am so grateful that I was able to be there. Creating Eternal Families is what the gospel is all about. Now, Shaun's not the only member in her family! And, all of her other family members are starting to learn about the temple becuase Shaun has sent missionaries to them! 

I'm running out of time, so I am going to quote Sister Smoot's email a little with her permission.

" -Mississauga is just an ongoing adventure. It's a city, with lots of skyscrapers + funny people. Friday, our investigator came down and was acting all weird in the lesson. She held up this mini crystal ball thing and told me that I was 'fuzzy'.... Well we pretty much ended the lesson and walked away, until she came over while we were talking to a guy, turned to me and started massaging my face!!!! Hahahaha I was like "Hey Andrenne... what are you doin?" ...She just kept saying "Don't worry my hands are clean." Needless to say that we are turning her over to the Lord for help... One day she'll be ready!

-We took a member to a lesson with us.... The GPS led us astray though and we ended up in the next city over- Etobicoke- at the airport. The member, Sis Ennever kept saying "There is no way she lives here." Are you sure? ;) I kept saying to Sister Robison "Man... I know you're going home soon, but I didn't know you wanted to go THAT badly." :P So silly. Nothing but good times on da mish."

In other news, We had MLC's and it was wonderful! President and Sister Sheilds are lovely. We love them already! :) Just good things going on. Good things happening. Love it. Love the missionary work. Love the Lord. Love it all. :) 

Well, I hope you have a good week! Pictures to follow! Know that I love you all!! 

xo Sister Robison :) 
Ponderize: D&C 68:6

We have all been companions now! Cool eh?

Fam pic with our new mission parents. PRESIDENT+SIS SHIELDS

Week 74 - This week was LOCA!

                                                                                                                                     July 4th, 2016  

Congrats Nate and Maddy! I am so excited for you! :) I loved the pictures I was sent! They are so great!! :) They made my day. :) 

Transfer news came! I will be staying in Mississauga and training a new Sister Training Leader! Sister Smoot! I have heard so many wonderful things about her and I am really excited! She's served with many of my previous companions, so it's gonna be a party!!! :) Sister Nabhan will be going to Orangeville in the Berry Zone. I love her so much. She is a really awesome person. She is going to do great things there with a great companion! 

This past week was, as almost always, crazy! Haha :) I spent the first 4 days out of the area on various exchanges! Lets see, with the YSA sisters, the Hermanas, and the Credit View sisters! They are just so great. All of them. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to go on so many exchanges- as tiring as they may be. I learn so much from each sister and exchange. Some times I feel like they help me more than they help them... :) 


On exchanges in Churchville YSA, we had a lesson with a recent convert all centered on receiving revelation as we read the scriptures. We began the lesson by having each of us think of a question. Then, we kept that question in mind as we read the scriptures. The spirit was SO strong! Oh my. I didn't receive an answer to my question. But, I was lovingly reminded that this is something I can/need to do more often. God is so wonderful. He answers our questions as we ask and seek. 

Exchanges with the Hermanas reminded me of how absolutely scary and terrifying bus contacting can be, but also how wonderful and joyful the work can be as we forget about yourself and go to work! Talking to everyone on the buses was just SO much fun! Exhausting. But, so worth it. 

On exchanges with Credit View, I was basically sick the entire time.. God really helped and blessed me and I am so thankful. We spent the day going from appointment to appointment. And when we came to our dinner appointment with a member, I was so exhausted and sick to my stomach that I couldn't even sit at the table. So, I slept on the couch while they all ate dinner, and then had some cinnamon sugar toast before we left. Haha, it is a meal appointment I will remember for the rest of my life. :) But, after resting, I felt MUCH better! And we made it out just in time to go to RAMAN AND MARIYAM's HOUSE! My recent converts from Etobicoke! Mariyam, like Kara, is super pregnant! We were able to go over and be there as the bishop gave her a priesthood blessing. So blessed. I am just so grateful! Raman and her are doing so well! They still have crazy work lives that often keep them from church. But, Mariyam is excited to be on Mat leave so she can attend! Raman holds the Melchizedek Priesthood and is going to strive to prepare to bless their baby girl after she arrives! :) Happy day. Happy day! :) 

After those exchanges, both Sister Nabhan and  I were basically dead... haha! Still feeling sick, we visitied with the mission nurse. I am pretty sure I was just super dehydrated. But, when I tried to drink water, it just made me feel more sick. That is when I learned that our bodies also need sodium! So, the mission nurse prescribed me some Potato Chips and Powerade! Just to be sure, I also received a priesthood blessing. Some really neat things were said that I wanted to share. I was promised that I would be able to finish the mission with power. I was told I would be a light to others and would be able to help many people as they work towards their next saving ordinance. The feelings that I had came from working so hard. I was blessed with more energy from the spirit and more energy and power as I talk to everyone I see. It was neat. I was really grateful for it. The priesthood is a powerful thing! :) 

Okay, one last story. It's a good one, I promise! So, Friday evening, we had some extra time and we decided to go home and do some weekly planning. Sometimes, well, actually all the time, finishing weekly planning is a struggle. We just get busy with so many other things... Anywho! We had pullled in for the night until the Spanish Elders called and asked us to open the church for the Chinese Badminton activity. Before we left the house, Sister Nabhan prayed and asked to be sensitive to finding situations. I thought to myself, "Interesting!" So, we went there, unlocked the doors, drove home to grab some extra rackets, then drove back, delivered the rackets, and then started the drive home. Each time we had gone to and from the church, we passed a man just standing outside on the side of the street. Finally, as we passed him the final time, I couldn't help but think that we needed to talk to him. Knowing if I didn't I would regret it for the rest of my life, I flipped a U, and we drove back to him, rolled down the window of our Car and started chatting it up! His name is Lez and he loves Christ! By the end of the visit, he became a new investigator! We will be going back to teach him later this week. :) I feel like I've been able to reconnect with the spirit. I feel like I went for a time where I know that He was there, and I could recognize Him and the promptings He gave me, but it wasn't as strong or as present. I feel like it's back now. I am so grateful. :) 

We got to meet the new mission President, President Sheilds, at MCC's this Sunday morning! He is awesome! I am excited to be so close and to continue to work with him and brake him in! :P He is a man called of God to be here and it is going to be awesome! 

I am looking forward to this week and this transfer. Time is precious, and so are souls! So, the plan is to get out there and get it done! Leave nothing left. Most importantly, remember the Savior- who He is, and who I represent. It will be one for the books! Well... Journal. :) 

Have a great week! Love you all! :) 
Sister Robison 

PONDERIZE: Doctrine and Covenants 84:45

Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 73 - We Can See Miracles If We Believe!

                                                                                                                                            June 27, 2016
  -The view out of the Etobicoke Apartment! 

This week was a blast. Many things happened. For one, my companion woke up one day hung over on her new drugs. For two, I got the package and I LOVE IT! For three, we went on many more exchanges! And, the list goes on! :)

Here comes the beginning of week 6 of transfer 12. Crazy! Things in Mississauga are going really well! We have seen so many miracles and tender mercies this week! It has been a pretty stressful one for some weird reason... Just some adjusting with various things going on. But, through all of it, God has definitely shown us His hand! 

Yesterday morning, I woke up feeling somewhat stressed and overwhelmed. With the way our Standards of Excellence work, much of it comes down to getting investigators, new converts, and returning members to church. Stressful! People and their agency play a large part into it all! This previous week, Sister Nabhan and I were working as hard as we possibly could to get others to church. We are just tired of not having any one there! So, we switched our methods. We got members out to as many lessons as possible, and made sure that, come the end of the lesson, the member bore their testimony on the princpile taught, and then invited the person to church. We have been promised success by a Member of the 70 (Our Mission President), when we do this! So, going into Sunday, we though for sure we were going to have many people at  church, or at least enough to hit our goals. 
Come the start of Sacrament meeting, our New Converts were both there- Deneil and Shaun! (They're awesome. They are both preparing to go to the temple in the next 2 months!:)) We also had a few returning members there which is always great to see! But, we lacked investigators. We knew of at least one on her way, so that was good. But, as for all the others, it didn't look like any others would be joining us. I have to admit, throughout part of the meeting I felt defeated. A little discouraged, and a little frustrated. We were working so hard! I started praying to God. Just praying for a solid investigator, solid people that would come to church and progress in the Gospel so that we could help them come unto Christ! And little did I know, my companion was individually praying for the same things! Then, right before the sacrament started being passed, a young mother and her son slipped in. My companion and I and the Bishop spent the rest of the meeting eyeballing her and trying to figure out if she was a member or not! At the end of the meeting, we practically jumped out of our seats and to her side to talk to her more. She was not a member!! She came out to church because one of her friends in Brampton had been encouraging her to come and so, she thought she would finally take up the offer. We were able to briefly talk with her, and set up a time to see her next week to give her a tour of the church building. It was such an answer to our prayers! God is so good. SO good. 
I learned a valuable lesson. As we do all that we can, God will not let us fail. It is against His nature. The closer I get to the end, the more real 1 Nephi 3:7 becomes. We all have access to so much power as we partner with God to do His work. He is wonderful. We are just grateful. :) 

God is moving His work forward and I am so grateful to see all the little miracles and all the little ways these people are progressing! 

Another tender mercy was exchanges in Etobicoke. I was able to see many people that my companions and I had started working with towards the end of my time there. It was wonderful! They have all progressed so much! It's true that as missionaries we never quite know the impact we will have on the people in the areas where we serve. Being able to be around Etobicoke has taught me this. Our influence is far greater than we think or even know. :) 

Something else of note! I almost forgot! Which, I don't know how since I will remember this for the rest of my life! Sister Nabhan and I teach Daily Dose/ESL each week, twice a week. This particular time, we had very few numbers, so, we combined our classes. At the end, we split off for questions. Sister Nabhan worked with a few of the advanced students while I worked with on of our not so advanced students. Her name is Min. She if from China. Out of A, B, and C, her English is a B. She is just wonderful! We were going through the pronunciation on some of the words when she stopped to talk to me. For the next 15 minutes, she relayed, in her broken English, how she would like to join the church. She is not religious at all, but everytime she comes to the church, she just feels different. The words she used were hyper and happy. She expressed gratitude for always feeling of our love. She said that when she is here, she feels our love a lot. She feels like the pain is gone. She feels like we are all happy. It makes her feel hyper and just good. I wanted to cry. I was so happy. So so grateful I could be there for this special moment. Like I said, it is one I will remember for ever. After she left, we quickly called the Chinese Elders, and they were able to start teaching her after our Saturday class. :) 

Helping others come unto Christ is just the best. Sorry this was so  long and scatterbrained. It was just a wonderful week with so many wonderful things. I am so thankful. The Lord is really blessing us as we are doing all that we can in His work! :) 

I love you! Have a great week! Have fun at the Wedding! No cold feet Nate! Kara, don't pop! ;) Kelly and Karly, take selfies with my card board cut out and send them to me! :P Mom and Dad, enjoy it! Justin, take lots of luck man! :) Love you all more than you know! 

Sister Robsion

PONDERIZE: 3 Nephi 27:29

-Sister Smith! She is so so wonderful. I don't know if you remember an email probably about a year ago about a women with one leg who hadn't been able to attend church for the sake of her marriage? Well, this is her. I was able to visit with her twice before getting transfered out. She has also now been to the temple for baptisms and is working towards endowments in September with her brother and his wife whom she had invited back to church once she returned herself. Our influence spreads farther than we all know. :) I LOVE IT! 
-Min and I! And, a daily dose picture! She is so cute! :)
-Marianna Remi and I! She is from Finland. Lives in the Etobicoke ward. We had just starting working with her when I left. Now, she's been to the temple for baptisms and will soon be getting her patriarchal blessing!!
-Sister Smith! She is so so wonderful. I don't know if you remember an email probably about a year ago about a women with one leg who hadn't been able to attend church for the sake of her marriage? Well, this is her. I was able to visit with her twice before getting transfered out. She has also now been to the temple for baptisms and is working towards endowments in September with her brother and his wife whom she had invited back to church once she returned herself. Our influence spreads farther than we all know. :) I LOVE IT!
photo from MLC! We love you!

My brother Nate gets married this coming Saturday.  This will be very hard for me to miss.  At least I know that my image will be there.  I will be thinking a lotabout him and will keep he and Maddie in my prayers!