Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 73 - We Can See Miracles If We Believe!

                                                                                                                                            June 27, 2016
  -The view out of the Etobicoke Apartment! 

This week was a blast. Many things happened. For one, my companion woke up one day hung over on her new drugs. For two, I got the package and I LOVE IT! For three, we went on many more exchanges! And, the list goes on! :)

Here comes the beginning of week 6 of transfer 12. Crazy! Things in Mississauga are going really well! We have seen so many miracles and tender mercies this week! It has been a pretty stressful one for some weird reason... Just some adjusting with various things going on. But, through all of it, God has definitely shown us His hand! 

Yesterday morning, I woke up feeling somewhat stressed and overwhelmed. With the way our Standards of Excellence work, much of it comes down to getting investigators, new converts, and returning members to church. Stressful! People and their agency play a large part into it all! This previous week, Sister Nabhan and I were working as hard as we possibly could to get others to church. We are just tired of not having any one there! So, we switched our methods. We got members out to as many lessons as possible, and made sure that, come the end of the lesson, the member bore their testimony on the princpile taught, and then invited the person to church. We have been promised success by a Member of the 70 (Our Mission President), when we do this! So, going into Sunday, we though for sure we were going to have many people at  church, or at least enough to hit our goals. 
Come the start of Sacrament meeting, our New Converts were both there- Deneil and Shaun! (They're awesome. They are both preparing to go to the temple in the next 2 months!:)) We also had a few returning members there which is always great to see! But, we lacked investigators. We knew of at least one on her way, so that was good. But, as for all the others, it didn't look like any others would be joining us. I have to admit, throughout part of the meeting I felt defeated. A little discouraged, and a little frustrated. We were working so hard! I started praying to God. Just praying for a solid investigator, solid people that would come to church and progress in the Gospel so that we could help them come unto Christ! And little did I know, my companion was individually praying for the same things! Then, right before the sacrament started being passed, a young mother and her son slipped in. My companion and I and the Bishop spent the rest of the meeting eyeballing her and trying to figure out if she was a member or not! At the end of the meeting, we practically jumped out of our seats and to her side to talk to her more. She was not a member!! She came out to church because one of her friends in Brampton had been encouraging her to come and so, she thought she would finally take up the offer. We were able to briefly talk with her, and set up a time to see her next week to give her a tour of the church building. It was such an answer to our prayers! God is so good. SO good. 
I learned a valuable lesson. As we do all that we can, God will not let us fail. It is against His nature. The closer I get to the end, the more real 1 Nephi 3:7 becomes. We all have access to so much power as we partner with God to do His work. He is wonderful. We are just grateful. :) 

God is moving His work forward and I am so grateful to see all the little miracles and all the little ways these people are progressing! 

Another tender mercy was exchanges in Etobicoke. I was able to see many people that my companions and I had started working with towards the end of my time there. It was wonderful! They have all progressed so much! It's true that as missionaries we never quite know the impact we will have on the people in the areas where we serve. Being able to be around Etobicoke has taught me this. Our influence is far greater than we think or even know. :) 

Something else of note! I almost forgot! Which, I don't know how since I will remember this for the rest of my life! Sister Nabhan and I teach Daily Dose/ESL each week, twice a week. This particular time, we had very few numbers, so, we combined our classes. At the end, we split off for questions. Sister Nabhan worked with a few of the advanced students while I worked with on of our not so advanced students. Her name is Min. She if from China. Out of A, B, and C, her English is a B. She is just wonderful! We were going through the pronunciation on some of the words when she stopped to talk to me. For the next 15 minutes, she relayed, in her broken English, how she would like to join the church. She is not religious at all, but everytime she comes to the church, she just feels different. The words she used were hyper and happy. She expressed gratitude for always feeling of our love. She said that when she is here, she feels our love a lot. She feels like the pain is gone. She feels like we are all happy. It makes her feel hyper and just good. I wanted to cry. I was so happy. So so grateful I could be there for this special moment. Like I said, it is one I will remember for ever. After she left, we quickly called the Chinese Elders, and they were able to start teaching her after our Saturday class. :) 

Helping others come unto Christ is just the best. Sorry this was so  long and scatterbrained. It was just a wonderful week with so many wonderful things. I am so thankful. The Lord is really blessing us as we are doing all that we can in His work! :) 

I love you! Have a great week! Have fun at the Wedding! No cold feet Nate! Kara, don't pop! ;) Kelly and Karly, take selfies with my card board cut out and send them to me! :P Mom and Dad, enjoy it! Justin, take lots of luck man! :) Love you all more than you know! 

Sister Robsion

PONDERIZE: 3 Nephi 27:29

-Sister Smith! She is so so wonderful. I don't know if you remember an email probably about a year ago about a women with one leg who hadn't been able to attend church for the sake of her marriage? Well, this is her. I was able to visit with her twice before getting transfered out. She has also now been to the temple for baptisms and is working towards endowments in September with her brother and his wife whom she had invited back to church once she returned herself. Our influence spreads farther than we all know. :) I LOVE IT! 
-Min and I! And, a daily dose picture! She is so cute! :)
-Marianna Remi and I! She is from Finland. Lives in the Etobicoke ward. We had just starting working with her when I left. Now, she's been to the temple for baptisms and will soon be getting her patriarchal blessing!!
-Sister Smith! She is so so wonderful. I don't know if you remember an email probably about a year ago about a women with one leg who hadn't been able to attend church for the sake of her marriage? Well, this is her. I was able to visit with her twice before getting transfered out. She has also now been to the temple for baptisms and is working towards endowments in September with her brother and his wife whom she had invited back to church once she returned herself. Our influence spreads farther than we all know. :) I LOVE IT!
photo from MLC! We love you!

My brother Nate gets married this coming Saturday.  This will be very hard for me to miss.  At least I know that my image will be there.  I will be thinking a lotabout him and will keep he and Maddie in my prayers!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 72 - Communication is Key

                                                                                                                                           June 20, 2016

So, this week has been super long and super strange and yeah... Thinking back to what happened at the beginning of the week, neither of us can believe that it was this week! 

We began the week with exchanges with the Credit View Sisters! Sisters Allred, Capener, and Melesiea! (There was an ET. Sister Edwards went to the Hamilton Zone and Sister Meleisea joined these sisters!) They are wonderful! We got to do some gardening with other missionaries which was fun! Sister Meleisea is still struggling with headaches, but is hanging in there and just being awesome and fun and wonderful as always! :) 

The next day, we had our final Zone Conference with the Claytons, as well as my final Zone Conference in the mission. Strange... At the end, I gave what they call your departing or 'dying' testimony- all the missionaries that go home before the next bear their testimony... What the? Am I really that old to do that...? I guess... It was good though. I had a lot of past companions and good friends there. I love them! And, I love the Claytons! They are great! The Zone Conferene was a little unique... At the end, they gave us marriage advice. It was funny. They are cute. :) 

Then, the day following, we had exchanges again! I went on exchanges with Sister Bell! I just love her. Still do. Always will. She will always be know as the only companion i've had (at least up to this point) that has proposed to me. mostly jokingly. Mostly... teehee :) haha! I always learn so much from her! I am so glad she is my STL <3 :D 

Other notable things- We, the missionaries in the mississauga ward (us, our DL and his companion, and the 3 assisstants) got to judge the ward chili cook off! Talk about pressure! haha! Every chili I tasted, I just compared to Dad's. His is still the best in my mind! mmmmm. :)

The one thing I have been learning the most this transfer in so many different ways is how important it is to communicate. Communication is key. It will get you far in life. That is all I have time to say on that note!  

Other than that, nothing too crazy! Just regular missionary life! Helping my companions with some of her health problems, and just working through it together. I am so thankful for my healthy body. I have been greatly blessed. 

Well, that is all for this week! I don't really know what I wrote... but, I am out of of time! I Know that God loves you and knows you! He is really there! There is a plan for you! 

live long and prosper. especially in the gospel.  (1 nephi 4:13)
xo, Sister Robison 

PONDERIZE: 2 Nephi 22:2

At my last Zone Conference--Last Picture with President and Sister before they leave next week.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 71 - Woooooh! What a Week!

                                                                                                                           June 13, 2016

You know those weeks where you sit back and say to yourself, "I am glad it is the weekend!" That is how I feel today- only replace the weekend with preparation day. :) haha! This week was more stressful than usual. But, that's okay. It is a new week! 

All in all, we had 3 exchanges (one after the other after the other) and a baptism! All good things! Just stressful and draining. :) 

The sisters this week were all great! It was fun! I got to spend Tuesday in Churchville YSA with an amazing sister there! Sister Paulsen! I love her to pieces! She is just the best. Then, I got to spend half of Wednesday and half of Thursday with Hermana Bahadur in Mississauga! She is great too! This is her 3rd transfer, but 1st transfer speaking spanish. INTENSE! Language missionaries are so COOL! There is a reason I was called to English work! Then, I got to spend Thursday evening and almost all day Friday with sister Kehrer in Etobicoke! I love Etobicoke. :) mmmm. Warms my heart! It's fun to be back in the same old apartment and see some of the members! Their area is on fire and it is awesome! :) 

Well, this all brings us to Saturday! Shaun was baptized for the remission of her sins!!!! Yay!!!! :) She is just so awesome. When we asked her who she wanted to baptize and confirm her, these were the words that came out of her mouth:

 "I don't care, as long as it's done by the proper authority." 

Yes. I did strategically space that on purpose. It is just so great! Look at it! She is the best. She is preparing to go to the temple in July to do baptisms for her ancestors that have passed on! She sent a media referral to Jamaica so missionaries can contact her father there. She introduced her mom to the missionaries in her area at her baptism on Saturday. She is excited for the gospel to link her and her family together forever! 

One of the other great things (besides her sharing the gospel with her family) was that in her confirmation blessing on Sunday, she was blessed the she would be able to find and marry a man in the temple and be sealed together for all eternity. SO HAPPY! To think about how this is just the beginning for her is SO COOL! AHHH! :) I love it! I love the gospel! It is so true! It is all about family. So cool. :) 

So, stressful. But, wonderful. It was a great week. I learned so much from the exchanges I went on. I learned so much from the meetings we had. I learned so much from my awesome and patient and loving companion! I learned so much in my personal conversations with God while on my knees. Just learning, and living, and loving it. 

I want to invite you to take a moment and talk with God today. He loves you. We wants to bless you. Ask for his help. 'Pray like it all depends on God, and work like it all depends on you!' 

Another great week to come! I love you! Enjoy having my cardboard cut out at home! I am looking forward to the family pictures and everything else! ;) 

xoxo Sister Robison 

D&C 1:20
Shaun was baptized for the remission of her sins!!!! Yay!!!! :)
Selfie with Shaun!

Ruen and Sister Kehrer! Ruen went LA after elders left etobicoke- when Sister Gillins and I whitewashed the north part. Turns out he went LA because he didn't really understand his baptismal covenant or much about the gospel for that matter. But, Sister Kehrer's companion is Jamaican and can speak their broken english language to him and now he understands and he just went to the temple for the first time in a long time! Yay! :) It was a happy moment to see him again and to see his smile light up! He remembered me! teehee!

Reminiscing.....Picture of Sister Maas and I from when I originally served in Etobicoke.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 70 - What A Week!

                                                                                       June 7, 2016
This was one for the books. Or for the Journal that I am super behind in.. :[] haha! 

We have been so blessed this week! It has been quite a busy one. We have been able to have many wonderful lessons with many wonderful people! We have also had the change to interact with President and Sister Clayton quite a bit! :) I shall explain. 

Mission Leadership Council was held on Wednesday. It was the last one with the Clayton's. :( We will miss them so much! I believe they will fly out on June 30th. President and Sister Shields will arrive on June 28th. We are excited for them to come and join us in the great work here in Ontario! I know they will be wonderful and steer the mission in the direction it needs! 

Two highlights from MLC: 

-Turn your doubts into questions. Sister Clayton spent about an hour with the Sisters talking to us about this very subject. She expressed how we need to take things that might be doubts, and simply turn them into questions. Then, we need to use all of our resources (, the prophets, parents, leaders, scriptures, Heavenly Father, etc) to search out the answer for ourselves. As we do this, we turn something negative into something positive. She stressed how important this was to help us become truly converted disciples of the Lord and to become truly converted to the gospel. And, to be prepared to be parents one day to questioning children- to help them build their testimony and foundation. 

-Stand on your Foundation. This is President Clayton's new favorite thing! It is wonderful. He talked about what our foundation is made of- the experiences we've had in the gospel, the revelation we've received from God, the times we've felt the spirit, the times we've felt love from our parents, the time we've found answers or comfort the scriptures, and so forth. All of these things that have come from Heaven contribute to our foundation. He then stressed the importance of not leaving, stepping off of, or abandoning our foundation. Don't doubt the things God has told you. Don't leave them. When people do, they become much like the people in Lehi's dream who wander around in the mist, confused and lost. As missionaries and members, it is our job to have a strong and solid foundation. Be the light in the darkness, and invite others to come and join us! Helaman 5:12. :) I really appreciated both of these thoughts! 

On Thursday, we had a normal and buy day packed with appointments and lessons and good things! Things in our area are going really really well. God is blessings us greatly. Nothing too special. Just that we were busy and had to prepare for an instruction in Zone Council the next day. 

Friday! Zone Council! I love Zone Council. I have always received great revelation through it. President and Sister Clayton showed up for a small part of our zone council. Their input is always treasured. President Clayton talked a little more on building our foundation. It was great! :) 

Friday night, we were headed to an Active Member Lessons with a family in the ward. When we got there, we discovered that the member's non member grandson was there! So, we rounded him up, and taught him about the gospel, and had a sweet and new investigator who wants to know if the Gospel really is restored! The Lord is just placing people in our paths and answering our prayers! All. The. Time. I am so grateful! 

Saturday we had a lesson with Shaun in the morning and finished just in time for a member in the ward to pick her up and take her to a stake activity by the temple in Brampton! She was so excited, it was cute! :) She officially passed her Baptismal interview on Sunday and will be baptized this upcoming Saturday at 3! Keep her in your prayers! :) 

We spent most of Saturday in Brampton attending parts of the activity and weekly planning when we weren't. That evening, we came back to Mississauga to have a lesson with our other progressing investigator Violet and a sister in the ward, and the Clayton's! :) They are wonderful! It was a good lesson. I think Sister Nabhan and I were both a little intimidated by having the Clayton's there, but all in all, we feel it was a good lesson and was what Violet needed! She is working towards baptism and is just struggling to give up her smoking addictions. President and Sister Clayton offered great support and love to help her. :) 

I just adore the Claytons! It was nice to be able to learn from them and see them so much this past week. After the lesson we were able to sit and talk with them for a few minutes. It is going to be hard for them to leave, that I know. But, they are on to great things. We are going to miss them. So so terribly much. But, like I said, we are also looking forward to the Shields! They are going to be great. I am grateful that I will have some time to learn from them and their examples! :) 

I love this work. I love being a missionary. I love being able to serve the Lord. I love my companion- she is hilarious. I love this ward- the members are so great and so willing to help and support and friendship everyone we are working with! We love the bishop- he backed us out of our parking spot yesterday after church when it was absolutely pouring. We love serving the sisters here and look forward to the 3 exchanges we have this week. We, especially I, just love it. I am excited to keep loving it for the time I have left. 

God is good. So good. Pray to Him. Let Him know what's up. He will help you and bless you because He loves you. I testify! 

Sister Robison


One funny story! 

We've recieved 5 messages from SLC about a media referral- Ethel. So, we decided to make her priority and went to drop by her on Tuesday. She is a very busy lady and it just so happened she was home! She let us in and we started to share a quick restoration. Before we had begun she had remarked how she thought that people like us were trying to contact her a lot- even some boys. We had just brushed it off because there are a lot of JW's and others that do the same thing we do and often times others mistake us for them. Anyways, we come to the end of the lesson when Ethel's phone starts to ring. Someone was calling from the buzzer downstairs. She picked it up, and we heard our District Leader and his companion on the other side. Sister Nabhan and I started dying. It was so funny! They came up and gave her another Bible. They were shocked to see us there. It was great! :) 

Love you!

Week 69 - My 9th cousin 3 times removed says "This will be the best transfer ever!"

                                                                                      May 30, 2016
Well, hello there family, friends, loved ones, strangers, children of God! 

Things here in the big and lovely Mississauga are going well! We have seen so many miracles lately! So much to say, and not enough time! We will see how much I can crunch out! ... :) 

My New Companion! Sister Nabhan! 
She is awesome! She came out a transfer after I did. She is the closest companion in mission age that I have ever had! Kinda weird.. but cool! ... we just spent way too long on Relative Finder and found out that we are 9th cousins 3 times removed! .. I also learned that I am practically related to everyone in the mission! And, all 12 of the current apostles! :D Teehee! fun fun! 

Some of our investigators! 

Shaun! Baptismal date: June 11th.
She is so cool! A little while ago, she just walked in to church one Sunday! It was great! Missionaries had worked with her at some point. She lives like a two minute walk from the church and is now so so excited for her baptism! She is Jamican, in her 30's, and she is hilarious! :) She loves to shop, and clean, and read! In the past week or two she has read half of 1st nephi, and all of 2nd nephi! She is just soaking it all up! We love her! 

Violet! Baptismal date: June 18th.
Violet kills me! She is so funny! She has been through a lot of hard things in her life. A lot. She has some trust issues, and it is understandable! Her biggest trial to overcome right now is smoking. She smokes about a half pack a day and so we are really working with her on overcoming that! She has been taught by missionaries for a while. She had turned herself over to the Lord for a little while, and then decided to come back right before I got transferred in. Since then, she has REALLY been progressing and making those changes in her life that she needs to! She is actually learning and seeing the difference that it makes. It is so neat. 

They are great! I am so grateful the Lord has given me this opportunity to help them and work with them! 

Things with exchanges and Sisters continues to be crazy! We are over 5 companionships this transfer which makes for 11 exchanges total! Things will be a little tighter and a little more stressful, but all that much better! :) We love these sisters and just want to do all that we can to help! 

I was able to go on exchanges with Sister Edwards this weekend. My Baby from Welland! She is doing well! It was so fun to see her progress! She has grown a lot! I am so thankful for her! :) She is just a crack up. We had a good time! 

Something else of note is that we lost the Mandarin sisters in the ward. For a short time, the Chinese speaking AP's will be covering the area until numbers in the mission go back up. So, now Sister Nabhan and I have to cover both of the ESL groups! I took the lower class, and she took the higher class (we had originally covered the higher class as a companionship.) I love these people! They speak little to no English, but they are great! It is so fun to be there with them and to teach them! We use a program called Daily Dose which focuses on Conversational English. Google it. I am sure you will find something. The huddles are fun though. My group is primarily Chinese so it just makes me giggle! :) 

Things are going well! Unfortuately I have no more time. Sorry! But, know that I love you all so much! Shout out to Justin for graduating! And to Kelly for Graduating! You both are stellar! And shoutout to all you other family members and then soon to be family members! I love you and pray for you all each night! :) 

Take care! And pray sincerely! (Something that I learned I was very much lacking this past week or two. As I have repented and changed, I can tell you it really makes a difference! So, do it! It is one of the many keys to inviting the spirit into our lives and receiveing answers to our prayers! :))


Sister Robison :) 
Ponderize: your choice again! Sorry... haven't found one yet.. :[] 

-Sister Nabhan and  I have not taken any pictures together yet... We will repent! 

-I found a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in the Local Mall, so, CARAMEL APPLE! 

-Sister Bell and I found funny settings on my camera! 

-Sister Chen and I are matching!!! :D I like her!