Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Week 2 - Final Week in the MTC

                                                                                                   February 7, 2015
Family family family! and dear friends! I hope you are all doing so well! 

It has been an incredible week here at the Missionary Training Center! I have grown and learned so much! For example, during our service assignment, I learned that to clean a microwave, you dampen a rag, and cook it for a minute! Who knew! But seriously, I have learned so much! Too much to even share. 

Some of the highlights of my week have been as follows: 
1. I beat all of the elders in my district at the basketball game Knock Out multiple times. And I have dominated in a few other games like around the world and horse as well. So, all those years I have put into basketball have paid off after all! haha 
2. Throughout the week, my companion, Sister Spiekerman, and I have been able to teach about 12 lessons between our 3 investigators. This has been such a huge blessing, and we have each learned so much throughout the entire process. We have been working very well together since day one though. That has been a huge blessing. One of our teachers, Brother Sherck (pronounced shirk) complemented on our ability to work together and teach with the spirit last night before one of our final lessons. We made an extra appointment to meet with one of our investigators, Melissa, one more time tonight. We are both excited to see her one last time. But, with our other investigators, one, Rachel, agreed to be baptized, and another agreed to go to church. We still aren't sure if they are real or fake... But none the less, we can feel the spirit so strongly in the lessons and are excited for the commitments they are making! 
3. Last Saturday when we went to the temple, I finally had the chance to see the new film. It was awesome. 
4. I was finally able to eat the Kneaders package. I shared it with my district during one of our personal fitness times. It was nice to sit outside and partake of the delicious caramel apples and bread! It was also just fun to sit and talk with everyone in a more causal setting for a little bit. 
5. I have been able to watch my district grow as our sisters have been in need of blessings, and our elders have administered them. It has been a neat experience for all of us as we have been able to grow closer as a district through helping each other with our needs as well as being able to watch some of the elders give their first blessings. 

The new district came in on Wednesday. It was crazy to think that we had been in their shoes just a week before! Throughout this week, I have grown such a testimony of the spirit! It is incredible to feel of it's influence while you are in a lesson with an investigator. If we just give it time, the spirit will talk to us and tell us what to say, and how to convey the message that the investigator needs to hear. Even though I am nervous to leave the MTC, I am excited to take all that I have learned into the field. 

Thoughts for the week: 
- God figuratively took Adam's rib from his SIDE. If it would have been take from the FRONT, Eve would have ruled over him. If it would have been taken from the BACK, Eve would have despised him. But, it was taken from the side, under the arm, and close to the heart. They were meant to be EQUAL partners. I thought this was cools! 
-We can gain Christ-like attributes through simply living the commandments! I don't have time to expound upon that... :) 
-about 45% of the missionaries in the MTC are SISTERS! what the! It is awesome. 

Thank you for the dear elders! It was awesome. I am excited to head out to Toronto Monday at 3:30 AM! I know that this church is true. God loves all of his children, and wants to hear from everyone! So, pray often! Even multiple times a day! 

I love you all! Have a great day! 

Sister Robison 
Our entire zone on our temple walk last Sunday

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