Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 58 - I "mustache" you a question!

                                                                                                                                        March 14, 2016

To the soon to be Elder Robison in the CTM! Welcome welcome! You are going to love it here! I am so excited for you!!! President and Sister Clayton are wonderful! You are going to love them!  The CTM is headed in a wonderful direction under their guidance and direction. Get pumped for the best 2 years of your life! :) 

In other news, things are going really well here in Napanee! We've been working hard, and it is showing. This past week we were able to fill up the entire progress record! It was sweet! That basically means that we were able to see and teach a lot of people and had a lot of things to report on! First time in a while if not ever it's been that full. Miracles are taking place! This whole transfer, Sister Thomas and I have been making sure we are prayerfully setting goals and THEN making plans. We are starting to see miracles as we do this! This past week we came super close to hitting if not achieving most of our goals! I love it. I feel that we are more in tune with the spirit, more driven to work harder, and there is more of a purpose to the things that we are doing. It is neat to see the difference that setting goals and then making plans can have in the work! We had 21 lessons this past week and almost achieved all of the other standards of excellence! Those are as follows: 

Investigators- finding 2 new investigators and 2 investigators at church
New Converts- contacting all of the NC in your area, having at least 50% of your new converts at church
Returning Members- having at least one Rm at church. 

BTW, I don't know if I have mentioned this before but we now keep track of numbers for all of these categories. It's been a little crazy, but it is awesome and helpful. We have a way to track all of our progress with those we are working with. 

But, the one we fell short of was 2 investigators at church. Mike and Tiffany, our awesome investigator family, forgot to change their clocks.. Silly!  

Speaking of Mike and Tiffany, they are doing awesome! One of the nights this week, we were randomly invited over for dinner- yuumm! After, we did Family History with them! Tiffany loved it! She was so funny and so anxious to get all the information in! It was fun! ... While she was doing that, Mike pulled down this 3D pen they had. Needless to say, before we left that night, Tiffany had started her family history, and we each had a wonderful fake plastic mustache. :{D 
 We also had a good FHE with Mike and Tiffany, their LA neighbor friend that they rounded up, and some active members! We left after 20 minutes and when we followed up with the members, they remarked that they spent the next hour there just talking to and visiting with them. They talked to the Mike and Tiffany about all of their concerns and they were able to ask them questions and just bond. It was wonderful! We are excited for the progress they are making. Mike and Tiffany told our members that they know everything we've been teaching them is true. They just need sometime to overcome some Word of Wisdom concerns. We are SO excited for them! :) They'll definitely get baptized some day! All in their own time and own way. :) 

ALSO! Another miracle! We've been working with a couple- Steve and Terrilynn. Terrilynn is a member. She has been starting to come back to church! Steve is not a member but comes with Terrilynn to church every week! Terrilynn was previously married, thought she got a divore, and then got married to Steve! But, turns out their divorce didn't go through and all of this other stuff... Long story short, they can't progress in the gospel because the aren't actually married... But, this is where the miracle comes in! The ward council members were able to sit down with Terrilynn yesterday and go through different things with her and they are going to help her and Steve get everything sorted out! Yay!!! They are hoping to have it all straightened out within the next 3 months! We are so excited. We have started to reteach them both everything to help them strenghten and solidify their testimonies in preparation for the things to follow! :) 

Anyways, this week has been wonderful. We've been amazed at the different times we've been led by the spirit to those who are prepared, seeking, or even led to know what to teach those that we are working with. It's been a hard week- don't get me wrong. There was a night where we were both crying on the floor... that's another story in and of itself. But, it's been a good week! We are learning and growing and loving it! :) 

The gospel is true and its amazing! I know that Christ loves and knows each of us! He lived, died, and lives again! Because of Him, we too can live again, and even better, we can live with the ones we love for time and all eternity! :) 

I love you! Have a great week! 

Sister Robison 
Me at an LDS Memorial Plack in Bath- another small town/village in our area! 
Inspiration seeking before hitting the pavement (tracting/oyming/doorknocking and so forth) in the area! :)

 Mike and Tiffany and their 3D pen mustaches! 

Sister Thomas and her Poutine! From a place called the Spud Box! We stopped there with our members after doing a Sacrament meeting service at an old folks home about a hour north of Napanee! 

-We made Jello. We were very excited :) 

-A gift we put together for Mike and Tiffany! They gave us some antique tea cups and saucers and a german beer stein with a music box in the bottom. They are random and wonderful! :) anyways, we thought we would give something back! A picture of Jesus, the Provo city center and Las Vegas temples and us with their gifts, then as well a family a proclamation to the world! Tee hee :) 

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