Monday, March 2, 2015

Tribute to Kelly

Tribute to Kelly on her 17th Birthday

Happy happy birthday my beautiful Sister Kelly! I love you more than words describe! I was thinking about what to say to you, and came up with 17 things that you and others probably don't know about you! Here we go!

1. Kelly has the largest heart! Kelly loves all that come in contact with her. She loves her friends, family, and Hallie!
2. Kelly dreams big, and then goes after those dreams! For example, LVA! Or, her Frozen Piano piece! She always aims high in whatever she does!
3. Kelly has the most beautiful eyes! They are so big, and blue, and pretty. Basically, model status. Just so you all know. Take time to look at them because they are stunning!
4. Kelly LOVES to go on adventures! She is definitely a risk taker! She loves to do silly things and is always bringing out the crazy side of me when we are together! If you are ever bored, give Kelly a call because she will come up with something both silly, fun, and random on the fly! There is never a dull moment with her!
5. along with that... Kelly is fearless! She is not afraid to stand up for people, and to get into the action! She loves a good challenge and is awesome.
6. Kelly is smart. She is so smart! She will try to deceive everyone in convincing them she is not, but she is! (cough cough your English test!)
7. Kelly knows how to buckle down and work! Once she commits to something, she is in it up to the end! She is awesome in that way!
8. Kelly loves a good movie. If you ever want to do something nice for Kelly, bring over a silly, funny, cheesy movie, and sit down and watch it with her! She loves to get into them, and loves to witness a happy ending!
9. Kelly is an AMAZING friend! She is always there for those close to her when they need them. She worries about letting them down when they depend so much on her. She loves to check up on her friends and make sure they are doing okay! She is always willing to listen to those and help those who are in need! Count your blessings if she is one of your friends because she is there until the end!
10. Along with that, Kelly keeps her promises! If she pinkie swears she will do something, she will do it! She always follows through.
11. Kelly is so wonderfully talented in so many ways! Of course there is piano and sports, but she is also talented in many other cool areas! Kelly is great with makeup! She can also do wonders with hair! Although cutting hair may be a little tricky for her right now, she can sure do some great hair-do's! There was never a need to get my hair and makeup done for dances when Kelly was home!
12. Kelly loves her family! She has such a love for those she holds closest. I at least know that she loves me! ;) But really, I know that Kelly treasures her family members and is so willing to help them in any way she can!
13. Kelly can bring a smile to anyone's face. She knows exactly how to make them laugh! She is down to be goofy and strange if it is what will put a smile on their face! If you are ever feeling down, you can count on Kelly to turn that frown around! :)
14. Kelly is an example to others!
15. Kelly is so strong. Mentally, physically, and emotionally! I have watched her over the years as she has gone through so many hard things. But, she ALWAYS gets through them, and comes out better on the other side. I cannot even begin to understand some of the things she has faced in the past couple of years. But, I do know that she is amazing and so tough to have been able to go through what she has experienced.
16. Kelly is a choice spirit and a Daughter of God. Kelly has been given these trials because God knows she can handle them. She is going to do amazing things throughout her life! I am so excited to watch her as she grows up!
17. Kelly is one of my role models. I look up to Kelly in more ways than she knows. She has had a huge impact on my life and I do not know where I would be with out her! She is one of my best friends and I lover her a millions. I have and will always admire Kelly for the person she is and for the joy she has and continues to bring into my life!

I love you Kelly Robison! Keep up the good work! I hope you have the happiest of birthdays and that you feel beautiful and awesome because you are! <3


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