Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 7 - I Can't Believe It's Monday Again

                                                                                                          March 16, 2015

Hey family! I can't believe it is Monday again!

This week has been good! We just had stake conference and I feel like I learned so much! It took place in Brampton, which is like 25 min away, so we got a returning member to drive us to both the Saturday and Sunday session. It was a great tactic to get her there, as well as to get us there! Sometimes, we feel pretty clever. :) But it was awesome. The theme was the work of salvation. They touched on topics such as family history work, missionary work, and so forth! From being out on a mission, I have really come to understand what it means to be a member of the church! I have also come to understand the importance of member missionary work! 1 out of 6 member referrals in North American get baptized. 1 out of 20-40 other new investigators that missionaries find through their own efforts get baptized. There is such a dramatic difference! It is so important to do missionary work as a member! Members are the key to the hastening of the work! Share the gospel with those around you! :)

Other than stake conference though, I feel like this week has been nothing out of the usual, and I am not very sure what to write! I was able to try traditional Indian food which was exciting! It is usually VERY spicy, but they dulled it down for me. How kind! It wasn't too spicy, but I was glad they provided a yogurt salad to help calm it down. Next time we return, it will be more spicy! I am enjoying trying new things!

 Last Monday, as a treat for completing a challenge, we were able to go to a delicious Chinese Buffet called the Mandarin with all the missionaries in our Zone. As a Zone, we talked to over 2,000 people in 6 days! Yay for OYM! Ask Ryan about the Mandarin. I am sure he can tell you all about it!

This week, I found my spirit animal! There is a very sacred process that you go through to find it. You have to ponder on an animal that you think describes your personality. Then, you decide on one, and from that moment, it has 2 weeks to manifest itself unto you in a way you will be able to recognize. I am a beaver! I challenge all of you to search yours out! ;)

I am attaching some pictures! So, I hope it works and that you can enjoy them! :)

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love, Sister Robison
It is soooo cold!  Can you tell?

 That awkward moment of, "Hey, we are friends, but we can't hug or really touch." 
but let the three of us ( a kid that was in Ryan's hall at BYU) take a picture! :)

I tried Poutine for the first time!

A cool T-shirt our District leader and his comp drew up for our district!

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