Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 42 - Revelatory Experiences and Miracles!

                                                                                                   November 23, 2015

Hello family, and friends! 

I am glad to say this week was really good. We saw a lot of miracles, felt the spirit, and learned a lot! 

We had the wonderful opportunity of hearing from Elder Perkins of the 70 on Wednesday. I am so grateful. This was just what I needed at this time! It was wonderful to hear from him, his insights, and testimony. The meeting was full of little miracles that I would love to tell you about! 

We had spent Tuesday night in Hamilton with our Sister Training Leaders so there was not quite as long of a drive the next day to Kitchener where the meeting would take place. As I was driving there in the morning, I started to feel sick once again. Just an over-all unwellness. As we sat down and the meeting began, the feeling only worsened. I was so frustrated! I could hardly focus on what was going on because I just wanted to curl up in a ball, lay on the floor, and cry due to how I felt! Finally, after about a couple hours or so (I'm really not sure), we went into a brake. At that point, I turned to Sister Edwards, relayed to her how I was feeling, and then started actually crying. I just didn't know what to do! I wanted to be involved in the meeting, and learn lots, but that was not happening. Thankfully, a Sister I am pretty close to came over, saw what was happening, and took control of things. A few minutes later, I was sitting in a room with the Zone Leaders getting another blessing for my sickness. As soon as they laid their hands on my head and started speaking, I began to feel better! Peace entered into my heart, I felt the spirit, and the sick feeling went away! Even better, it stayed away for the rest of the meeting. I am so thankful for the priesthood and for that blessing! 

The meeting was just what I needed! We talked about building faith in our investigators, and in our selves. We talked about teaching simply, asking inspired questions, our purpose as missionaries, the Doctrine of Christ, and many other important missionary things. One of my favorite things that Elder Perkins talked about was receiving revelation in meetings. He talked about how he wishes he could eliminate the word meeting from the church! Often times when we think of meetings, we think of something long, potentially boring, that we have to attend. He then went on to say that he wishes he could replace the word meeting with "Revelatory Experience." When we go to a meeting, and expect to be inspired by the speaker, we are going to be acted upon. We never find answers or learn through this way, and meetings are going to continue to be boring and long. It is our own responsibility to make meetings a sacred place where we can receive revelation! In order to make a meeting a revelatory experience, we need to come with questions. As we have questions, we are acting. We are then searching for answers through the spirit, and we will be able to have those testimony building experiences that God answers our prayers and that He loves us! I loved his insight! I would invite you to always attend all future meetings with 1 or 2 questions in mind. I know that as you do, you will be able to get answers, and allow the spirit to work within you and help you! 

I could go on forever about the things that I learned. It was a special experience for me, and it became even more special when I had a moment to talk with Elder Perkins at lunch, and indeed found out that he served as Dad's assistant when Dad was first starting his mission! That was another miracle! :) 

I was grateful for the long ride home to Welland after the conference. It was pretty silent due to how spiritually worn out we all were, but it was good. It allowed me a long time to ponder on everything that I had learned and the work that I am involved in right now. Somewhere in the past couple of weeks, I had taken upon myself a "Wo is me" attitude. As I realized this, I realized how dumb that is! I was able to continue to receive revelation in the car as to what I could do to change and better this work and my attitude. 

The conference was a real turning point for me for many different reasons and I am grateful! 

Another thing that I am grateful for was the chance to ponderize "Count Your Many Blessings!" This was a great way to open my eyes and help me to change my attitude towards things. I have so many blessings, I just need to make sure I stop, take a moment to look around and notice them! I hope you had just as wonderful as an experience pondering upon the words as I did! :) 

Yesterday was also a great day. We had the chance to hear from Elder Perkins again! As well as President Eyring and others at the Montreal Temple Dedication! And, Elder L. Whitney Clayton gave the dedicatory prayer, so that was neat for us! We love the Clayton Family! I love temples and cannot wait to go more when I get home! :) 

The week continued on, and we saw some great miracles! One being another member referral! These members do a wonderful job at living and leading by example. An older sister in the ward called letting us know that her son's friend wants a church and wants to meet with us! We gave him a call, and will be meeting with him on Tuesday! We also received a referral from SLC! We will be meeting with that gentleman later tonight! Miracles happen as we endure with love and patience and diligence. This I know to be true. Welland is starting to go places, and I am very excited about the work! 

I am still feeling a little sickish... I am on medication number 4, and we will see where it takes me! I am just getting to know the people at the Walk-in-clinic very well! :) The work goes on though, and so will I! Perseverance brings blessings! (Don't worry mom, I am not pushing myself more than I am able!) 

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving (don't worry, we will be eating an American Thanksgiving meal with a family in our ward. More Turkey!) And stay warm! :) Much love! 

Sister Robison 

PONDERIZE: Alma 34:31
That time last week where we went out and worked despite the less than 
dismal weather. But hey, we were happy! :) 

We both got something in the mail on the same day!  It was a happy day! 

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