Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 43 - Be Careful What You Pray For.......The Frozen Chosen!

                                                                                                                   November 30. 2015
So, this week was good and weird and fun and strange and so on... :) 

A note to the family! I love you! I am so glad you had the missionaries over for Thanksgiving dinner! It is so nice when we get to join a nice family for their family holidays! Makes it actually feel a little like a holiday! To be honest, even with all the festivities, I don't feel like I am that Homesick at all. There is too much for me to do and think about here to be worried about or thinking about being home and doing all that great stuff! It is a good thing! :) 

So, Transfer News! I will be moving to what I believe is the Northernmost zone in the mission! Sudbury Zone! BRRRRR!  I will be in Bracebridge with Sister Meleisea! I believe she if from Tonga or Samoa! I am super excited! It sounds like it is going to be fun! The Welland Bishop laughed at the idea of a Las Vegas girl way up North. :) (We have had really good weather here in Welland lately! It has only dropped below 0 cel a handful of times!) Sister Edwards, my companion right now, will be going to Cambridge in the Kingston Zone in a trio with 2 other wonderful Sisters! We are excited. The hardest part was finding out that our area will be closed for a while due to lack of missionaries to fill areas... It broke our hearts a little... It's sad, but I know that God has a plan, and this is probably just what the Welland ward needs right now! The members here are absolutely wonderful! I have grown to love so many of them over the past 5 months, and it is going to be hard to leave! I just hope that I have done what I needed to to help them all learn, grow, and come closer to the Savior! 

Last Sunday, we participated in a car fast! This meant we were on foot or getting rides everywhere! With that being said, we decided to walk to church and be obedient and do our best! The idea behind it was that we would talk to people we saw along the way. We walked for an hour and half, and talked to 5 people... :) But, the neat thing was that the next day, 2 new investigators literally fell into our lap! We loved it! J and G. J has been meeting with missionaries for about a year! At one point, she was actually baptized, but never confirmed.... Anyways, she came to visit her boy friend for a few days and ended up getting kicked out of her place, loosing all her stuff, and long story short, they are now living together and engaged! G is super sweet. He wants to join the US Marines! He claims he doesn't believe in God. We think it's more that he doesn't want to admit there is a God for various reasons. None the less, they are awesome! We were able to have a few visits with them throughout the week, then Friday, they came to the Ward Christmas Party, and stayed to the end! They also came to all 3 hours of church on Sunday, and G even borrowed his brother's suit! And then to top it all off, That evening they came to a Why I Believe Fireside! This has been awesome! This has also given the ward a great opportunity to get to know them, and love them, and now take care of them! 

As for my illness... Well, this week we drove out to Brantford to be seen by a Dr.Opper! He is a member, and while he is not working and doing what he does, he sees sick missionaries! I got some blood work done this morning, and we are waiting to hear back from that to know what the next step is. If it is Mono, like he think it might be, then I will just work through it as best I can! (If I go home now, I will never get back out!) If it is not, then I will most likely go to an ENT and see what else can be done. ... Regardless, I am learning how to go about using the atonement in a very different way! I have to rely on My Savior for help and energy to get through parts of the day and still function. It is a little frustrating feeling like I am not able to give the work my all, but I have come to realize I still am, my all right now just isn't exactly where it was a couple months ago. Hey, God answers prayers! I prayed to be humbled. I just didn't think it would come like this! :D 

Anyways, I love you all! Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for me! I hope you have a good week! Here I go, off to be one of the truly frozen chosen! :) 

Much love! Sister Robison 

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