Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 45 - A Language of Faith, and The Christmas Season is Upon Us!

                                                                                                                                  December 14, 2015

147 Richard Street Apt #4
Bracebridge Ontario
P1L 1J3 

Hello hello hello :) I love you! 

I hope you have had a good week! This week felt and seemed pretty uneventful. Still trying to get to know the area. Still trying to get to know the ward. But, it has been great! Sister Meleisea count ourselves very blessed! Still no snow for us! Everyone here is shocked, and are all afraid it is going to come all at once! We like to joke that Sister Meleisea and I brought all the warm weather with us :) 

A major highlight of the week was the day we spent in Brampton!Wednesday night we made the 2 hour and 15 min drive down to Brampton, spent the night with other Sisters there, and had our Christmas Zone Conference the next morning! It was a wonderful meeting filled with the spirit! One of my favorite instructions given was on a language of faith. That is one of the things Elder Perkins felt strongly that our mission could use and improve on. Coming to this new area, with a new companion, I have been able to see just how influential and important a language of faith can be! Sister Meleisea is such a happy person! It is hard to not be laughing while with her! This plays over into our contacts. When we talk to people, we are happy! We are smiling, and enjoying ourselves. I believe that as we are this way, others are able to actually see the light within us. They are more easily able to feel the spirit, and this will lead to them desiring what we have! One Brother made the remark in our Ward Council meeting yesterday that we have in our lives the Fullness of the Everlasting Gospel! What more could be better! And yet, when we come to church, and go about our lives, we often don't show it. But, as we have a language of faith, as we show our light, as we look for the good, other are going to see that. They are going to desire that! Helping others come unto Christ is going to be simple and easy! I am excited to continue to implement having a language of faith into my work! I know that we will see blessings come from that! 

It was a great Zone Conference. We sang many Christmas Carols, and enjoyed time with other missionaries and President and Sister Clayton. I got to hear Sister Maas' dying testimony- sad, but it was wonderful! She gets home on January 13th

The best part about it all is that our entire zone got to go to the temple after the Conference! Warmed my heart. It was a great Christmas gift! The Sudbury zone never goes to the temple because we all live so far away, so it was a major blessing!!! I loved it. We made it to the 5:15 session which meant we got out closer to 7:30/8 ish. Just in time to grab dinner, and head back to where we stayed the previous night! It was a great time. We were both exhausted the next day, but wouldn't trade it for anything! 

In comparison, the rest of the week was not too exciting. Just normal missionary stuff. We were able to do some service in a small town called Baysville. They had a Christmas Community dinner that a couple of our members were heavily involved. It was a great way to get into the community and show them we are here to serve! We also helped put out our Ward Christmas Party! Dad, you would be so proud of me! We were in charge of setting up the Projector and A Savior is Born Video, and since my companion is unfamiliar with a lot of the equipment, it was left to me. I am glad to say I did it successfully! It was a nice touch to the end of the program. 
We spent most of the day yesterday inside. Sister Meleisea had a major migraine. We were able to make it through Ward Council, Sacrament Meeting, and Sunday School before coming home so she could rest. It gave me a nice Sunday to read my scriptures, study conference talks, and get caught up on some other things around the apartment! Althouhg, by the end of it, I was practically just wandering around the apartment looking for other things to do to keep me busy and productive...She is feeling a little better today, and we are hoping that she will continue to feel better and better so that we can go out and work tonight

Well, I love you all! Hope you are staying warm! The Christmas Season is just around the corner! I would invite you all to check out the website if you haven't already, and share it with your friends! :) 

Love you! Merry Christmas!

Sister Robison 

PONDERIZE: Alma 7:10

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