Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 62 - Back to the Lovely Weston Zone!

                                                                                                                                      April 11, 2016

Well, transfer news! I will be going back to the Weston Zone- where I started the mission! I am super excited!! :) I will be serving in Mississauga North with Sister Bell (who I was in a trio with for one week while in Welland/St. Cats area) as a Sister Training Leader! What?! ... Yeah, I'm shocked... haha! But, I have confidence in the Lord. Whom He calls, He qualifies and that gives me a lot of comfort! 

I just love Napanee! This place has captured my heart! I love the country! Just being able to drive and drive and see farm land and few houses and then the occasional small pocket of people! It is so fun! It's going to be strange to go back to a big city! ... ahhh! But, it will be fun! Sister Bell is so wonderful! We've been dying to be companions. :) (I imagine it kinda being like Nate and Elder Swainston...) teehee! 

Well, it's truly been the fastest 7 week transfer of my entire life! This transfer flew. I am terrified for the transfers to come! They will be a week shorter and so I am sure they are going to pass by before I can even blink! ahh!! haha it will be great. 

This past week was good! Nothing too too special to talk about. We had a great zone missionary meeting Saturday. Our Zone Leaders gave a great instruction on Family History and the power it has in converting! Since then, Sister Thomas and I have been teaching almost everyone we've met with about Family History! There is such a powerful spirit (perhaps the spirit of Elijah hmm?d:) That comes as we teach, talk about, and do Family History! I am excited to continue to use this to help others! I would also encourage you to do some yourself! I can promise it will help to pick you and your spirits up! There is always work to be done- indexing, finding more on your own lines, or inserting pictures and stories! I am excited to do more in the future! 

We had some good lessons with Mike and Tiffany this week! We primarily read out of the Book of Mormon because things have been so busy for them lately! I don't know if I told you last week, but they have a baptismal date for May 25th! -Tiffany's birthday! We are so excited for them! Last night we read the story of Ammon cutting off all the arms! I never thought the stories of Ammon and the arms and Nephi killing Laban could be converting tools, but hey, those are some of their favorite stories! We invited them to read the next few chapters since it goes on to talk about King Lamoni's conversion and God and many wonderful things! It was neat to hear Tiffany's response after we finished reading. She remarked that she had more energy. She was so grateful we were able to read! In her closing prayer, she apologized to God for not praying as much and being as diligent. It has been neat to be here and see them grow in testimony! I am excited for their family to some day be sealed in the temple. :) 

I have learned a lot in Napanee. I loved being able to serve in the branch! I have loved being able to serve along side sister Thomas! She is a powerhouse! She is just awesome. So willing to go and do. She is a great example! We have had a miracle transfer! We have seen the Napanee grow so much as we have been here! Both of us have been finding more and teaching more than ever before. It is amazing how much we can accomplish as we turn our will to the Lord's. I don't know what made all the difference this past transfer, but this transfer was one of the best yet. My faith in Christ has grown immensely. He is the reason for all that we do! As we have focused more on teaching and testifying of restored truths, and then always relating it back to Christ, we have been able to see the faith of others grow as well. It's just wonderful! 

I am thankful for the time I've had here. As our Branch Mission Leader would tell you, "Napanee is God's Country!" :) I am looking forward to this next transfer! Lots to learn, and lots to do! But, above all else, I just pray that I will be able to be an effective hand for the Lord in helping His children and His sister missionaries! I have so many inadequacies. But, none of us are in the work alone! Hip hip horray! :) haha 

Well, I feel that is all. Sorry if this letter has been scatter-brained! I love you all! I am excited! The work will go forth and it will be wonderful! The Lord is with all His missionaries in the work! It is a wonderful work to be a part of! :) 

Have a great and safe week! Love you! 

Sister Robison 

Ponderize:   3 Nephi 5:13


  1. Hi Katie! I love reading about your mission. Rick and I went to am Indian wedding in Mississauga

  2. I had technical difficulties finishing that comment. Anyways, I am excited for all the great work you are apart of, and now I can picture your area. Love, Niki