Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 63 - M-I-S-S-I-S-S-A-U-G-A

                                                                                                                                                            April 18, 2016
Almost as tricky as spelling Mississippi! :)

Well, this week has been a hoot! haha! I love it here! I forgot how much I missed the city. I LOVE the city. As much as I love and miss Napanee, nothing quite beats the craziness and the fast pace of the city! This week we have seen so many little miracles and some great progress in the area and it is really exciting! I can't wait to share some! 

For starters, a Sister Training Leader. The best way to put it is what the title says. Our job is to go on exchanges with the Sisters we are over, and to help train/encourage/motivate them to continue to do great things! We have 4 companionships that we are over- one of them being the Etobicoke Sisters!! (That means I get to go on exchanges to my first area, Etobicoke, and I am so pumped!) We will be doing 2 exchanges with each companionship so that the Sisters can each have a turn with Sister Bell and I, and a turn in our area! When I was extended the assignment, President Clayton stressed that the best way we can help the sisters we are over is to create a "model area" in our own area. So, that is what we are striving for! In total, we will have 9 exchanges, 8 with our own sisters, and then one other with another STL companionship. Beyond exchanges, as a STL we will, if asked to by the AP's or Zone Leaders, give instructions in Zone Councils or Zone Conferences. We also attend the Mission Leadership Council at the beginning of each month, and MCC meetings with the Zone Leaders, Mission President, and Stake president. So, it's crazy. It is busy, but it is good! It will be fun. I am thankful and excited to serve the Lord and the Sisters in this assignment! 

For my new address, just send everything to the mission office on Wanless dr. ... We are usually there at least once a week doing different things anyways. We live in the basement apartment of a LA family and sometimes they forget to give us the mail.. So, safest bet would just be the mission office! :) 

So, the ward, the area, and the companion! 

The Mississauga ward is crazy! There are SO many people! There are primarily 3 different languages spoken- English, Chinese, and Spanish. So, we have 3 sets of missionaries! Sister Bell and I- English; Elders Johnson and Flake- Spanish (which is crazy because Elder Johnson was both Sister Bell's and my district leader when we were in the same district while Sistrer Bell was in St. Cats and I was in Welland!); Sisters Skinner and Chen- Mandarin. (Dad! Sister Chen is from Taiwan! She and her family are recent converts and she is hilarious. It's fun!) Sacrament meeting is usually all together. After that, it splits into different Sunday school classes for different languages. Then, English and Spanish speakers will come back together for Relief Society and beyond that, I don't know yet! 

Every Tuesday evening and Saturday morning we teach ESL! .. Well, kinda. We do a program called Daily Dose that works more with teaching people conversational English instead of grammar and so forth. But, regardless, it is fun! It is strange because we see other missionaries almost every day... Say what? I am happy. It is fun. :) 

The area is huge! And by huge I really mean populated! There are so many people and they are from all over the world! I would have to say, Mississauga feels a little more classy than Etobicoke... haha! But, yeah. I don't think we are teaching any caucasion people...! We have some wonderful investigators from Hungary, Jamaica, Nigeria, and so forth! Back to the international area and I love it! Finding new investigators here is completely different than in Napanee! In Napanee, we tracted and door-knocked a ton to find. We strived to work around others and follow the promptings of the spirit. Here, we are finding through referrals and just going out and talking to people on the streets! We have had new investigators literally fall into our laps this week. So Neat. SO SO SO neat. 

Some people that we are working with that I want to tell about! 

Deneil. Deneil and his wife are from Jamaica. They haven't lived in Canada long. His wife had requested a Bible from Since then, missionaries have been teaching him more than her. Well, Deneil is solid! He knows that The Church is true! He openly admitted it yesterday! He is just working on deveolping more secure CPR habbits before he joins. He is so ready to be baptized. It is just helping him have the faith in himself to recognize he is ready! It will come in due time as he continues to repent and change little habbits. He has started reading more throughout the day, and even I can see a difference in him since the beginning of the week! He's golden! 

Kate and Kenneth and their daughter Karen (They have a younger son, but he's 6 so we can't teach him yet)! They are a young family from Nigeria! Kate is pregnant with her 3rd child. They also haven't been in Canada for too long! Missionaries have just really started working with them the past few weeks. They love the church. They love coming. We are starting at the beginning and they are accepting everything that we are sharing with them. We are so excited for them! Their biggest hang up is that they are hesitant to leave behind their "Catholic Culture." But, the spirit has confirmed to us that as they continue to learn more and understand more, this is something that will eventually disappear! :) They currently all have baptismal dates for May 15th! :D 

My Companion Sister Bell! She is awesome! Ever heard of Bell photography? Mostly used for school pictures and year books and so forth. That is her family! She is from South Weber, Utah. Her Birthday is on May 14th, and she will be turning 20! So, we're the same age. :) She played lots of volleyball in high school and she is funny! :) We served around each other for the entire 5 months I was in Welland (She was a new missionary then and being trained!)! And, served with each other in a trio for 1 week while I went without a companion in Welland! But, she is awesome. We laugh a ton and it is easy to say "We are equally yoked, and equally stoked"! :D hahaha it's awesome! 

Well, we are on to great things! Great things! I am almost out of time, so, pictures next week eh? I hope I've been able to answer all your questions! Have a great week and know that I love and pray for you! 

Sister Robison

PONDERIZE: come up with your own! :)

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