Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Week 64 - Equally Yoked and Equally Stoked!!!

                                                                                                                                          April 25, 2016

This accurately describes the companionship of Sister Bell and I! :) So many miracles this week! So So many! We are so grateful and excited for the work that is going forth! :) 

I just don't know where to begin these emails anymore! 

Well, lets see. This week, we taught 33 lessons. What? Yeah. Sister Bell and I were sitting there Saturday night planning for Sunday, and we were asking ourselves why we were so tired. And then we counted the lessons. By then we were at 27. God is blessing our area. 

Highlights of the week:

Well, Exchanges! So good. So fun! :) I love the sisters! It is a lot different than I thought it would be, but it is good! I never understood how much effort Missionary leaders put into helping other missionaries. Or even how much they cared. It is neat to experience these things first hand! 
Tuesday I stayed in Mississauga, and was joined by Sister Allred- she's super cute! It was a lot of fun! Friday, I went to Etobicoke with Sister Brown and Sister Kehrer! Both of them are only in week 9 of the mission, but they are already such great missionaries! They are going to accomplish a lot. 

Thursday night, President and Sister Clayton came teaching with us!! :) Whooo! We went and taught a returning member Sister Phelan. (I feel like mom would really like sister Phelan!) We had wanted to talk to her about prayer, but as we got in there, she expressed that she didn't understand what she was reading in the Book of Mormon. So, we opened it up and started reading with her! We started where she had left off- at 1 Nephi 15:11. It was the perfect scripture for her! The entire lesson was centered around just that! The spirit was very powerful. I am so grateful for the Clayton's and their example! We followed up with Sister Phelan the next day on her scripture reading and prayer, and she expressed that she actually read. AND, she felt the spirit as she read and prayed. :) Wonderful isn't it! :) 

Saturday, we decided to go and drop by some LA members. The LA we had decided to drop by weren't home. So, we started working in the area. We talked to this old Iranian man walking down the street rolling a shopping cart with some bulky items tied to it. Turns out this man had met with missionaries for years! He used to come to the church each week with his wife! He had stopped because of health problems. But, he is excited for us to come back and talk to him more! Mohammad Zamir. He is sweet and we are excited! :) 

We had a cool experience with our RM- Sister Teepell. Sister Bell felt prompted to ask her about her baptismal day. So, we did! It brought back a flood of great memories. Her husband passed a few years ago, and she hasn't been very active since. But, asking her about that day, brought back a lot of fond memories of her husband- especially since he was the one to baptize her. After the lessons, she was willing and even excited to come to church! We also had a dinner appointment with her and an active sister, and she just felt so honored and so loved! It was a great experience and she has started to progress a ton this week! We are excited for her! :) 
I want to ask you all to not only invite the missionaries over for dinner, but also allow them to bring someone they are working with! When investigators, new converts, or even returning members feel loved by others in the ward, their progression doubles! It is so cool! Members have SO much power, I often times don't think we all realize how much! :) Do it! I can promise you cool experiences! :) 

Yesterday we had the chance to teach a Bible referral from mormon.org! His name is Stephen. It was one of the coolest restoration lessons I have taught! It was so simple and made so much sense. And, Stephen was just asking all the right questions! He would ask a question that was just about to be answered in the next point. We had to keep telling him to slow down! And just hold on. :P A funny moment was when we were talking about the Book of Mormon and how Nephi and his family were led to the promised land. Stephen, being from Africa, was slightly offended that the Americas had to be the promised land. Sister Bell immediately responded with, "Well, why did you come here?" and then we all laughed! ... It might very well be one of those things you had to be there for... but it was hilarious! :) 

Well, I think I am out of time... Not too sure... I've lost track...! haha time is just going these days- I don't pay attention any more. But, know that I love you! Know that life is great. God is blessing this area and I am grateful to be here to see it and help bring in about! 
I know God loves each of us! :) Have a great week! 

Sister Robison 

PONDERIZE 1 Npehi 15:11 (at least I think that is the one... :[])

Sister Bell and I taking a pic for a mission slideshow.  Don't let Pres and Sis Clayton See! :[] :)
Sister Allred and I on Exchanges stopping at Krispy Creme

Sister Bell and Sister Phelan and I! :) 

"Let's pray Sister Bell!" "Okay! (gets into this position)" :) Tired all the time! But we love missionary work! :) 

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