Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 69 - My 9th cousin 3 times removed says "This will be the best transfer ever!"

                                                                                      May 30, 2016
Well, hello there family, friends, loved ones, strangers, children of God! 

Things here in the big and lovely Mississauga are going well! We have seen so many miracles lately! So much to say, and not enough time! We will see how much I can crunch out! ... :) 

My New Companion! Sister Nabhan! 
She is awesome! She came out a transfer after I did. She is the closest companion in mission age that I have ever had! Kinda weird.. but cool! ... we just spent way too long on Relative Finder and found out that we are 9th cousins 3 times removed! .. I also learned that I am practically related to everyone in the mission! And, all 12 of the current apostles! :D Teehee! fun fun! 

Some of our investigators! 

Shaun! Baptismal date: June 11th.
She is so cool! A little while ago, she just walked in to church one Sunday! It was great! Missionaries had worked with her at some point. She lives like a two minute walk from the church and is now so so excited for her baptism! She is Jamican, in her 30's, and she is hilarious! :) She loves to shop, and clean, and read! In the past week or two she has read half of 1st nephi, and all of 2nd nephi! She is just soaking it all up! We love her! 

Violet! Baptismal date: June 18th.
Violet kills me! She is so funny! She has been through a lot of hard things in her life. A lot. She has some trust issues, and it is understandable! Her biggest trial to overcome right now is smoking. She smokes about a half pack a day and so we are really working with her on overcoming that! She has been taught by missionaries for a while. She had turned herself over to the Lord for a little while, and then decided to come back right before I got transferred in. Since then, she has REALLY been progressing and making those changes in her life that she needs to! She is actually learning and seeing the difference that it makes. It is so neat. 

They are great! I am so grateful the Lord has given me this opportunity to help them and work with them! 

Things with exchanges and Sisters continues to be crazy! We are over 5 companionships this transfer which makes for 11 exchanges total! Things will be a little tighter and a little more stressful, but all that much better! :) We love these sisters and just want to do all that we can to help! 

I was able to go on exchanges with Sister Edwards this weekend. My Baby from Welland! She is doing well! It was so fun to see her progress! She has grown a lot! I am so thankful for her! :) She is just a crack up. We had a good time! 

Something else of note is that we lost the Mandarin sisters in the ward. For a short time, the Chinese speaking AP's will be covering the area until numbers in the mission go back up. So, now Sister Nabhan and I have to cover both of the ESL groups! I took the lower class, and she took the higher class (we had originally covered the higher class as a companionship.) I love these people! They speak little to no English, but they are great! It is so fun to be there with them and to teach them! We use a program called Daily Dose which focuses on Conversational English. Google it. I am sure you will find something. The huddles are fun though. My group is primarily Chinese so it just makes me giggle! :) 

Things are going well! Unfortuately I have no more time. Sorry! But, know that I love you all so much! Shout out to Justin for graduating! And to Kelly for Graduating! You both are stellar! And shoutout to all you other family members and then soon to be family members! I love you and pray for you all each night! :) 

Take care! And pray sincerely! (Something that I learned I was very much lacking this past week or two. As I have repented and changed, I can tell you it really makes a difference! So, do it! It is one of the many keys to inviting the spirit into our lives and receiveing answers to our prayers! :))


Sister Robison :) 
Ponderize: your choice again! Sorry... haven't found one yet.. :[] 

-Sister Nabhan and  I have not taken any pictures together yet... We will repent! 

-I found a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in the Local Mall, so, CARAMEL APPLE! 

-Sister Bell and I found funny settings on my camera! 

-Sister Chen and I are matching!!! :D I like her! 

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