Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Week 77 - God is so Good!!!

                                                                                                                     August 2, 2016

So many tender mercies this week! I am so grateful! This work is so real and God continues to constantly show us that! Lots of great things have happened this week, but I want to share 2 of the best with you! :) 

**Warning, these stories might make little to no sense... I am not a good story teller.. But, it was cool, I promise!**

On Wednesday we taught our new investigator Jennifer! We had contacted her outside her house while her sister was over and shared some about the restored gospel. We then set up a time to come back and got a phony number from her sister. We were nervous things weren't going to pan out. But, when we got there, she was sitting there waiting for us! She made us slightly nervous when she told us her husband wasn't super happy about two mormons coming over.. We got a little more nervous when he walked in 5 minutes after we started the lesson.. But! Miracles my friends. We rounded him up and invited him to join us! Together, they sat there and listened as we taught about the Church Jesus Christ had established, how it had been lost, and then about how it has been Restored through a living day prophet because God loves us all that much. After sharing the first vision, Jennifer remarked that it gave her goose bumps! It was a wonderful time to testify of the Holy Ghost and how He teaches us truth. We continued on and taught about The Book of Mormon, and her husband Sam got so excited! He was puzzled to know why he hadn't heard of it before and started asking more and more questions to understand it. They are so excited to learn more. SO cool! Jennifer grew up atheist. She went to church for the first time after she had attempted taking her life. That is when her faith in Christ began to flourish. Sam was born in Jerusalem. He has been a Christian for a long time, but he is excited to strengthen that faith. They have many kids from other marriages/relationships, but together have a little baby boy named Isaiah after the Bible prophet. Anywho, they are just so cool! :) The spirit was so strong in their lesson and we are so excited to come back and teach them more this next week! 

On Friday we got an awesome text from one of our members about her landlord! We had gone over to visit her during one of the first weeks of the transfer and were late to the appointment because we were having a great gospel discussion with her Landlord Dan. We had talked about the basic beliefs of our religion, as well as The Book of Mormon. Crazy enough, he had just picked one up from his church a few weeks earlier with the intent of reading it in the future. He expressed a desire to read it and meet with us more, but didn't know when he would be able to since they were headed out of town. We weren't able to get a number, but knew we would be able to get in touch through our member. Well, Friday, we got a text from our member expressing that she had talked to Dan about us! He wanted to meet with us sometime in the next few weeks! We were so excited and decided to try dropping by that night! We did and they weren't home... sad. 
That night in planning, we had some time to fill and decided to go out and Blitz (hang up ESL flyers). When we started to think about where, a random plaza came to my mind. I first pushed the idea aside. But, a few more seconds went by and nothing else came, so I told Sister Smoot about my idea and we decided to go! I felt that it was an impression from the spirit, but I was totally confused. The plaza is not that busy of a place and neither is the street right in front of it. Usually we like to Blitz in busy and diverse areas so we can contact people as we do it and find those that are prepared! Well, we got to the plaza and decided to go in this little French Bakery to see if we could hang up a poster in there. As we went in we saw this guy that kinda looked familiar, but neither of us could place him. We had talked to the store owner and he respectfully declined us hanging anything up. So, we were about to leave when the familiar looking man approached us. (and of course, you can guess it who it was... (: )  It was Dan! Woah! Miracles! Here he is in this random little french bakery off to the side, far away from his home. And, here we were! In this little french bakery that isn't very buys, trying to hang up ESL flyers because that is where God told us to go. It was just so sweet. We were able to talk to him for a few more minutes and grab his number so that we could reach out and contact him come next Sunday when he and his family are back in town. 

I am just so grateful! SO grateful for everything! haha! I love this work! I love seeing the hand of God in our lives so perfectly each and every day! Jesus Christ is real. God is real. The Holy Ghost is real. The Book of Mormon is true. The Church of Jesus Christ is on the earth today. Hallelujah!!! :) 

I want to invite all of you to pray to recognize the little miracles and tender mercies in your life each day! I can promise you God will open your eyes as He has mine! He is so involved. We just don't always see it. :) 

A few other quick highlights: 
- We had a Jolly July District Meeting and even took a Christmas Card Photo! So fun. :) 
-The Mississauga Libraries are no longer on strike! We are happy about that! And, Canada Post never went on strike.. oh Canada. How I love you. :) 
-Yesterday was Ontario Day! Hence emails today. 
-This week I ate Korean food for the first time. ... I am just really glad I am serving in Canada. I get a taste of all these different cultures, but there is still lots of normal canadian/american food. The mission has taught me that I can be a picky eater.. :) 
-Violet will be getting Baptized on Saturday! We are so excited for her. She is doing awesome. She is truly converted. She still has lots to learn, as do all new converts, but she is so excited and ready for this step in her life. :) 
-This week is going to FLY by! We have preparation day on Tuesday, MLC on Wednesday, Exchanges all day Thursday, Zone Council on Friday, and Violet's baptism on Saturday! Wooh! Crazy fun. :) 

Time is winding down. I will be home on the 17th. It gives me even more of a reason to just be grateful for God's hand. I love the mission. I love the work. I love the people. I am just going to soak every second of it up and you should do the same! Life is precious. Let us enjoy it eh? :) 

Have a great week! Take lots of love and care and luck and prayer! :) 

xo Sister Robison 

PONDERIZE: 2 Nephi 2:25

-Well, this happened... haha .... CHICKEN AND WAFFLES! 

-Some of my awesome Daily Dose (ESL) Students! :)

- The C N TOWER!


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