Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 50 - 18 Below, and Loving It!

                                                                                                                                    January 18, 2016

Yellow! :) I hope you have had a good week! We sure have! 

Our new companion's name is Sister Cliften! She is most recently from Boise, Idaho (her dad was a doctor in the military so they moved around quite a bit! The most exotic place she lived was England for 3 years! No, she does not have an accent :( but, we have decided to love her anways! :D) and she is just awesome! 

This week was fun! On our first full day together (Wednesday), we found 3 new investigators, and we set two of our other investigators with baptismal dates! Yippee!! Trevor, a single dad of 3 kids, is preparing for baptism on February 20th!! AND our investigator Ashley, a young mom, is preparing for baptism on March 6th! We are so excited for both of them! If you could pray for them, that would be awesome! The biggest challenge we have is getting them, and others we are working with, to church! There always seems to be lots of snow storms on Saturday night and Sunday morning, preventing many from coming. Lame snow! . But, we are excited, and know as they continue to grow their testimonies and become truly converted, they will see the importance of church, and start coming! 

Things are just crazy! We now have 4 hours of study each day- THIS IS INSANE! It's the most I have ever had on the mission! The scheduling is the crazy part. Trying to keep track of which town or area we will be in that day, who has offered to feed us dinner that day and where do they live, who can we see there in the area, where will all of our studies fall that day, when will we meet with each investigator and returning member, when will we have time to find new investigators and returning members, and so on. Crazy, but fun! It's kind of like a giant puzzle, and I love puzzles so it works! :) AND, the Lord blesses us as we work our hardest. This I know! 

Training this time around is so different for so many different reasons! Now, reflecting back on last time, I feel like I was caught up in the missionary and trainer I thought I needed to be, and the things I needed to do. But, this time around, I feel like I have a better understanding of who I am, how I do missionary work, and how I will be able to help both of my companions do missionary work! It is fun, and also a little challenging figuring out the whole training in a trio thing. More than anything, I am learning to love my companions enough to let them both talk. I am striving to make sure they feel that they have been able to say all that they need to! It is a huge adjustment coming into missionary life, and then moving from a normal missionary to a training missionary! I've been in both spots and am just trying to do all I can to help both of my companions transfer smoothly! That often comes out to me not talking as much, and listening lots, which are things that I love to do! :) It's always a blessing when you can recognize in some small way why you are with the companions you are with, and in the area you are in. 

Fun fact: I am the youngest in the trio, but have been out the longest! Woot woot! I can't believe how much time has gone by... It goes so quickly these days, and that is a scary thought! 

Another fun fact: driving in the snow is getting less and less scary! I still don't live driving in storms.. It's hard to see the roads and the lines and the other cars, but driving when it is snowing lightly is not half bad as I thought! :) 

Well, my time is running out! But, I love you! Hope you have a great week! Stay warm! -We will be trying our best to stay warm! Don't worry, we stay pretty busy these days, so if we are out working, it's not for too long!  Blessings.  Mom, to answer your question, some people are more kind and at least let us step in the door so that we are not out in the cold for a few moments while we talk to them. Most people do stay home throughout the day though- not too keen on walking outside and all. The nice thing is that with three of us now, we can go anywhere! We are not limited to having to have another female home. Sister Cliften likes to refer to herself as the Golden Ticket! haha! :)

Well, I love you! Stay safe! 
Sister Robison 

PONDERIZE: Alma 18:39-41

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