Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 52 - What a wonderful"?

                                                                                                                 February 1, 2016

Well dear ones, this week was wonderful for a lot of different reasons! 

We started out the week with 2 days of exchanges! The first day, Sister Cliften and I joined Sister Raymant in Berry! She is awesome, and Berry is awesome! We walked a lot, and talked to a lot of wonderful people! Sister Raymant is really good at talking to everyone like they are her friend. It was fun to learn from her and see different things that I can use to improve! That night, we switched. So, Sister Cliften and I then joined Sister Nabhan in Bracebridge while Sister Meleisea headed to Berry with Sister Raymant. Sister Nabhan is also awesome! I've exchanged with her before and we always seem to have a good time! :) We saw lots of miracles that day! I will particularly share about a lessons with our investigator Leslie and her daugther! 

So, we are teaching Leslie and her two kids- Kyle (13) and Eva (11)! Kyle and Eva have so many questions, and teaching them is always fun! We found Leslie while we were working and tracting in a member's area. Leslie was really open, and invited us to come back! This past week, we were finally able to teach Leslie and Eva about the Restoration! The lesson opened with "What would it mean to you to know that Christ had set up a church on the earth, it had gone away for a time, but was back today?" The look on their faces was priceless! Definitely one of shock and awe! :) (Thank you Spirit for giving us that inspired question!) We proceeded to explain the idea of prophets, Christ establishing His church, the great apostasy, and finally Joseph Smith and the restoration of the Church and the Book of Mormon! The spirit was there, and they seemed excited about the message we were sharing! At the end of the lesson, while Sister Cliften was explaining some things to Eva about a Modern Day Prophet, Sister Nabhan and I had the chance to follow the spirit, and invite Leslie to be baptized if she came to know that these things were true, and she accepted! And went on to say that she wants her whole family to join as well! Leslie is amazing. Both Kyle and Eva have learning disablities, which can be hard. As well, Leslie's husband left them a few years ago. But, Leslie is so positive and grateful in all things. Tomorrow we are looking forward to having a lesson with her, her two kids, and her partner/boyfriend! It was a wonderful lesson, and I am so grateful for the spirit that guided our utterances! 

The rest of the exchange was fun, I love our Sister Training Leaders! They are inspired. :) 

The next day, Wednesday, we traveled up to Sudbury for Skills and Interviews with President Clayton! We woke up at 4 am, to get on the road by 5 am, only to find somehow our GPS had broken... So, we headed north, and eventually called our District Leader to get further directions. We made it with plenty of time to spare and in one piece, so that is all that really matters, right? :) We decided later it was a blessing in disguise since the GPS would have taken us another route that is 30 minutes quicker, but also pretty windy and probably would have made both of my companions extremely car sick! God is watching out for us. :) 

Skills and Interviews was great though. I always enjoy the chance that I have to talk with President. He is so supportive and loving. I am so grateful to serve under him in the mission field! 

ThursdayFridaySaturday, and Sunday continued to be great! We were all pretty sore from the 7 hours spent in the car on Thursday, but we pushed through it. :) Throughout the end of the week I had a couple of neat opportunities to catch some small glimpses at why I am needed where I am, and with the companions that I am with this transfer. It is always a blessings to see, even in some small way, how and why you are needed. It propels me forward and makes me want to be and do better! 

I love missionary work! I love being a Servant of the Lord! This week I really focused on paying attention to the subtle promptings of the Spirit, and it has been really special to see how He is working with each and every one of us! He is preparing our hearts and minds to help others and/or receive the gospel! Follow the Spirit. He will not lead you astray! He will only invite and entice you to do good continually! :) 

Stay warm, stay safe. Love you! 

Sister Robison 

PONDERIZE Doc & Cov 35: 13-14! 
We finally got to see other missionaries! After Skills and Interviews with 
some elders. It's a running joke with Sister Meleisea- she always asks 
people to buy her pizza or donuts. Well, these elders bought us Pizza! It was delicious! :) 
Sometimes we just like to take selfies. 
Generation Picture with Sister Maas before she "died" (aka, went home)
Birthday Buddies! Sister Atkinson! We are helping her and her husband work
towards the temple! Pray for them! :)
I was going more for the picture with the dog, but I guess one with the dog and my companions is cool too..:) 
Bottoms up! Jokes, it's just a giant jug of Maple Syrup!
Sister Meleisea's first ever snow man!  I taught her everything she knows! ;)
-Back when the snow first came..  Don't worry, there is more now! 
Check out my night-gown!     It's like a sweatshirt dress! :D
exchanges with the STL's last transfer! They are wonderful :
See.....I told you it was Maple Syrup!

After Skills and Interviews, there was a snowball fight.   We thought we would take a selfie!

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