Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 53 - Another Week, Another Letter!

                                                                                        February 8, 2016
Yellow! That time again eh? :) 

This week was really good. Full of a lot of tender mercies and miracles. The work here in this area continues to climb upward! This week, we were able to achieve the Standards of Excellence in lessons! We had 22 total lessons with investigators, returning members, and active members! It was neat! We worked hard, prayed hard, and watched the miracles come! 

This week, we've been able to see a lot of progress made with our investigator Ashley! She is so cute! Probably around Kara's age- late 20's. She has 2 kids- 1 boy at a year and a half, and 1 girl at 3 months. As you can imagine, they keep her pretty busy! But, with it all, she is still finding time to read the chapters we are leaving her, and keep her other commitments! She  even came to church for all 3 hours this past Sunday with her sick baby! Dedication right there. All she wants out of life is to draw closer to her Savior. We are so excited and blessed to help her get there! There will definitely be some obstacles to overcome, but we know she can do it! And we are excited to help her! 

We've also been able to meet more with Leslie and Kyle and Eva! (I believe I told you about them last week?) And, this week, we were finally able to meet Randy! The boyfriend/partner! Leslie's family has been going through some hard things lately with Leslie's mother. She has become very ill. What is neat though is that Leslie recognizes us as servants of the Lord. As she has been going through this hard time, she has had a greater desire to have us over to talk and bring peace. It is interesting to see how the Lord is preparing the hearts of the people all around us to receive the gospel. Sometimes He has to cut us down in order to help us become stronger. 

We had yet another missionary meeting this week- this time in North Bay, a neighboring area. The drive was only 1 hour and 45 minutes as opposed to 3 hours, so we were happy! At the start of the meeting, I was pondering on what questions I should have. Two came to mind and I wrote them down. Throughout the meeting, I was able to receive specific answers to both! I am so grateful. As we bring questions to meetings and open our heart, I know we can find answers! 

After the meeting, we got mail! Yay! I was happy to see a letter from a returning member in Welland. As I read it, I was almost brought me to tears! Her name is Sister Brant. When I first came to Welland, she was on the ward focus list. Many ward members had expressed efforts of trying to help and reach out, but nothing was going much of anywhere. For the first couple of months, my companions and I found the same thing. However, we all continued to be persistent. As time went on, things started to change. I am so happy to say that in her letter, she let me know that she is reading her scriptures and attending church regularly, and is almost done with the Book of Mormon for the first time! She is also preparing to go to the temple on March 1st to do baptisms for her relatives on the other side. I am so happy and excited for her. 

I think I might have also failed to mention that our other returning member from Welland, Sister Simpson, had the chance to go to the temple a few weeks ago for the first time as well! And, if you can recall, right before Sister Edwards and I left Welland, we had found 2 new and progressing investigators. Well, they were passed off to the YSA elders after we left, and one of them ended up getting baptized by the end of the transfer! Often times, I don't think we (or at least I) realize how the small things we do can help to change someone's life. I am so grateful for the time that I had to spend in Welland and help these wonderful people draw closer to their savior. 

Dad asked me to share a story about day to day life in Bracebridge. Well, this is what came to mind! The weather here has been a little wonky lately... We've had a good deal of rain during the day, and then at night it all freezes over. It makes for great fun as we are walking around throughout the day! We all probably look like penguins as we waddle from door to door or appointment to appointment, just trying not to slip on all the ice! And yet, as hard as we try, we can't always avoid it. We were coming out of an Active Member Lesson and heading to our car when Sister Cliften slipped on the ice and landed on the ground. Sister Meleisea and I naturally started laughing, and then Sister Meleisea also lost her balance, slipped, and fell. It made everything even funnier :) Don't worry, I didn't also slip and fall- I became more determined than ever to make it to the car without slipping which I did. It was just one of those classic moments. :)  

Missionary work is the very best. I am so grateful for this time that I have. It is so short and so precious. It'll be a year tomorrow that I came to Canada. Strange. I don't feel like it has been that long! I still usually don't feel like I know what I am doing as a missionary. Just fake it until you make it, and follow the promptings of the spirit. :) There are times I get overcome with all of my weaknesses, how tough things might seem, and how inadequate I am, but I am always gently reminded of Our Savior. He did it all. He knows it all. Continuing to turn to Him on my knees has blessed my life greatly. I am grateful for Him. 

I love you. I pray for you. Have a good week! 
Sister Robison 

PONDERIZE: Helaman 5:12

PS, Kara and Justin are thinking about moving to South Carolina? D&C 130:12 (found that today in my personal study(: )

PPS, Mormons are cool! Watch this!

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