Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 54 - This Damp Cold!

                                                                                                                                           Feb 16, 2016

To be honest, I don't even really remember the beginning of the week! I am pretty sure it was pretty normal... Going about from appointment to appointment. Dreading the fact that it is week five out of six, and knowing that in a few weeks, one of us will probably be leaving the area... As well as knowing that after this transfer, I only have 4 left... SCARY! ... But! As I say, everything was pretty normal. We had a pretty cold week and got a good amount of snow throughout- bonus was it covered all the ice we usually slip on! :) But, we strived to find more and more inside and productive activities as the week went on since it got colder and colder, and wetter and wetter until it finally reached the terrifying -40! And I must say, that is without accounting for windchill. It was straight up -40 on Sunday morning! Here is something that would never happen in Vegas! Bishop called us at 7:30 to let us know Church was going to be canceled. It was too cold, lots of cars weren't even starting, and the power was cutting in and out. Safety first, so no Sacrament for us this week! 

Something spiritual: This past week I have started to work on memorizing The Living Christ! I love it! As I have been doing so, I have found more of my thoughts and actions turning towards the Savior. This has begun to change my missionary work in a way I cannot really describe. It has helped me to gain a greater love for Him and His gospel and that has started to turn over into the work. I am excited to keep on going! I am working on the first 4 paragraphs (using the thing we got from girls camp some years ago...). So, that is what I will be ponderizing this week! :) You can join me, or do something completely different! Up to you! :) 

 So, gotta go! Love you! Have a good week! Stay warm! I think we will- it's supposed to be a warmer one. 

Sister Robison 

PS! Look at the ENSIGN page 56! Tell me what you see! If I am not mistaking, it is Kelly Trump! :) Teehee! If you also go onto and scroll down to the very bottom, I think you see her picture there too! She is famous ! :D 

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