Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 56 - Hello from the Greater Napanee!

                                                                                                                                                       February 29, 2016

New Address:

151 Industrial Blvd #17 
Napanee, ON
K7R 3Y4
Hello hello family and friends! :) 

This past week has been quite the whirlwind! Monday I was in Bracebridge. By Tuesday evening I was in Napanee! By Friday night I was in Oshawa, spent the next day there, and then back to Napanee Saturday night so we could prep for Church the following morning! In total, I have spent 3 full days in my new area this past week! haha, it's been awesome! :) 

Napanee is a quaint place! It is indeed a branch! On average we get around 20-30 people at church. It is so different than anything I have experienced before, but it is fun! There are some really awesome members here! A majority of the members are older. There is a small primary, and no YM/YW. Count your blessings for living in a place where the church is strong! Although the Branch is smaller than any I've been in, the area is larger than any I've been in! That seems to be a reoccurring trend eh? :) But! Fun note, I am the only piano player in the Branch! They are excited to have me! And, I am excited to be there! Another fun note, the Napanee apartment has a keyboard! So, each morning, and throughout the day, we play hymns and sing and it is joyous! :) Last night we had a fun jam sesh. I played the piano and Sister Thomas played the guitar. All Hymns of course, but it was fun. Good to be playing often again! :) 

Ryan is right, it is not a super high baptizing area, but, that does not mean it is not a baptizing area! In the Canada Toronto Mission, we have faith and trust that we can have at least one true convert baptism in each area each transfer! And, although it is small, I truly believe it can happen in this area this transfer! 

With all of that being said, we are working with some pretty wonderful investigators! We are working with a family! Mike and Tiffany! They are in their late 20's and have two adorable kids! They are so fun. We saw them a ton this week! There biggest struggle is the Word of Wisdom. With a history of being drug addicts, smoking and coffee seem like a good place to be! But, we are working on it. By small and simple means are great things brought to pass! They have a great foundational testimony of the church, and it is just working on building that! 

We have another fun investigator I want to tell you about! His name is Roger. Roger is 77 years old, and he is from England! He is very Catholic. He attends Mass every day but Sunday. That is when he is at church with us! (With he exception of last Sunday since he was in Toronto on business.. :( ) BUT! He is fun! He has told missionaries before about how he will be sitting in Catholic Mass and miss something that he was supposed to do because he was too busy pondering and thinking about the Sacrament! haha, he's great! I haven't actually been able to meet him yet, but I have heard a lot of good things and had some good interactions via cell phone! I am excited to work with him though. We are striving to help him get a witness! 

We have many other cool investigators and returning members that I will have to talk about later! This area is blessed! 

A few notes on my companion! Sister Thomas! She is awesome! She is 21 and is from Provo (aka the factory)! She is just awesome. I cannot say any more! She came out with Sister Edwards (actually, she was her MTC comp!), and is coming up on 6 months! This is transfer #5 for her. Transfer #5 seems to always be a magical transfer, so it's gonna be good! We get along really well, and even better, we work really well together! We go about missionary work in the same way and it is delightful! We are working on having a language of faith in all that we do! (It was actually one of the focuses from the exchanges I went on on Saturday!) A Language of Faith can be so powerful! Our attitude and outlook on things has a huge impact on our area and our success both as missionaries, and as every day average members in the church. I am really excited for this transfer. We have an extra week, and an extra day (being it Feb 29th) to see so many miracles here in Napanee! Plus, we also have Easter and General Conference! Needless to say, I am really excited and looking forward to this transfer. Miracles are going to happen! :) 

Well, as usual, I am running out of time! I am good though, mom, I don't need anything! Justin and Kara, you are awesome and I love you! Nate and Maddy, keep up the good work! (is that how you spell maddy?) And Nate, ideas for how to work well with a small branch?! Kelly and Karly, I love you! :) Dad, I will do my best to be a BYU fan when I get home! I quite enjoyed it before, so I imagine it will be easy to get back into! ;) I love you all! Remember who you are! 

Sister Robison 

Happy Birthday Shout out to Maggie Jensen! :) 

PONDERIZE! Psalms 56:11

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