Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 65 - MIracles Abound!!!

                                                                                                                                             May 2, 2016

What a week! We love it. I love Sister Bell. She is just awesome. I guess you could say we complement each other well. She is so good at being bold and loving and just going out and getting it done! I learn lots from her on the daily. :) 

So, this week. Let's see! 

It has been great. We've seen so many miracles. The work of the Lord is really going forth and I am so thankful He trusts me enough to let me be a part of it! 

Wednesday we had an awesome District Meeting all about setting our Investigators with Baptismal Dates! This is a basic thing in missionary work, but something I feel like I have not been doing for a long time! So, applying what we learned, that night, Sister Bell and I sent our awesome investigator Deniel with a baptismal date for May 14th!!! (Sister Bell's Birthday) He is excited and so are we! :) He didn't come to church yesterday- decided to stay home and spend some time with his wife. But, they both came to our Why I Believe Fireside last night and He was just so happy! He is excited. He has a solid testimony and a great grasp on the doctrine and principals he's been taught! He is so ready. 

We had two exchanges this week! I went to both Churchville YSA, and to Black Creek! 

Churchville was a ton of fun because 1) YSA. and 2) I was on exchanges with my STL from last transfer who was released to train a new missionary! Sister Bott. She is awesome! YSA work is so busy! They are working with some amazing people. It was a lot of fun despite the fact that I don't know how to work with YSA... haha :) I'm awkward, but all is well! It was fun to be able to pick Sister Bott's brain and ask her questions about being an STL. We had some good adventures together. :) 

Black Creek was also a blast. Why you ask? 1) BUS AREA! 2) They live in the Ghetto... :) 3) Black Creek is the Spanish Ward! So, I knew nothing of what was going on! :P It was a ton of fun though. Hermana Dolton actually roomed with Morgan Allison before the mission! Small world! But, we got lost on the buses for hours... haha! But, the neat thing was that on each bus, we talked to some amazing people and found some great potentials as well as even a lost less active member! Miracles! They always abound on exchanges! It's the best! After getting lost on the buses for literally hours, we finally made it to our referrals house. Turns out, they weren't home.... Pickles! That's when I turned to her and let her know we were going to contact in the area. The first person we talked to was Marco! He was just coming home from work for the day. Although he isn't super religious (at least I think that is what he was saying in Spanish.. I don't speak it unfortunately...) he was curious about the message that we share as missionaries and was excited for the Hermana's to come back and to share more with him! Although we were lost for hours on the buses, all things worked together and we found/were put in the places where we needed to be to talk to those of God's children he needed us to talk to! It was neat day. I loved it! :) 

I've been really focused on striving to listen to the promptings of the spirit more throughout my day. So, actually sitting, praying, and listening before doing various things as saying something in a lesson, asking a question, and so forth. I love it. I love the difference it makes in the work. As a normal human being, I can be so prideful. Sometimes, I think I can do the work all on my own. I am experienced and I can teach these things and I can help these people and it will be great! Well, after letting my try and fail for a while, the Lord always so lovingly reminds me that I cannot do this work on my own. No matter how good I am, I can't do it because it is not my work to do, it is His work. And let me tell you! The work goes so much better when we involve Him and when we turn to Him! I am so so thankful for the presence of the spirit. He makes all the difference in the work. Yes I am in a way "experienced" in the mission, but I would just as easily be nothing without turning to God and striving to do His work and listen to the promptings that come from the Spirit. 

The Holy Ghost is my best bud. I am so grateful for His help and the comfort He brings. I would be lost and super sad without Him! 

That is my missionary speal for the week. :) 

I love you all so much! You are wonderful! I can't believe Mother's day is this weekend... time is going by too fast! I will talk to you all soon! Stay wonderful until then! :) 

As Sister Bell would say, 
Peace and Blessings! 

Sister Robison :)                                                                                                PONDERIZE: Galatians 1:10
Sister Bott and I in a really Ghetto Building  trying to contact a Less Active! :)
Hermana Dolton and I heart attacking one of their members! 

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