Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Week 67 - This Week Was A Blur!

                                                                                                                                 May 16
Okay! Time to write you a letter I suppose! 

First off, Welcome home Sister Heidi Robison! You are awesome. I am grateful for you example! :) I love you so much! 

Second off, Soon to be Elder Robison! I hope everything is going well! It's official. While at the mission office with my companion, we looked at people coming in/going home in the next few transfer, and your name was definitely there! Woot woot! We are excited for you! :) 

This week was loca. haha! So much happened. 

We had exchanges at the beginning of the week, and I got to stay in Mississauga for it! Yay! Sister Capener. She is just finishing her first 3 months of the mission! OH my. She is a GREAT missionary! :) I love her! She has a great desire to walk by faith and help others to come unto Christ! While with her, we found 4 new investigators! Blessings! Exchange miracles are so real. I am grateful I get to see them all the time! :) 

We also had an interesting day of exchanges on Friday. The original plan was for both Sister Bell and I to go to Etobicoke with the sisters there, then to divide and conquer and help them to contact referrals and so forth (because they have a million and have so much going on in their area!) but, that didn't end up happening quite as we planned. Tuesday evening we got the news that we were, from that point on, also going to be over the Georgetown sisters- Sister Melesiea (my Samoan companion from Bracebridge) and Sister Edwards (the sister I trained in Welland)!!! Crazy! So, sister Bell went to Etobicoke to help the trio there, and I went to Georgetown for the day to be with those sisters there! :) 

It was a special exchange in Georgetown. Those sisters are awesome. It was fun to be with them again. I love them so much! :) 

So, as you all know, Deneil was baptized this past Saturday, and was then confirmed as a Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on Sunday! Deneil's a Mormon! :D haha! It was a happy day. Deneil is so prepared. He's been searching for a church most of his life and has such a solid testimony that this truly is Christ's church on the earth again today. He has received many personal witnesses and is so happy to be apart of it! We are excited to see him continue to learn and grow in the church, and to set an example for his wife and family members. 

Life here in the CTM is good. Most of the time I just forget that I am coming home slightly soon... It's just not on the forefront of my mind, and I'm hoping it stays like that! It's such a blessing to help others come unto Christ. It is fulfilling and I truly feel closer to the Savior through it all. I love it. I love being a missionary!  

I love Sister Bell. She is an amazing missionary. She continues to help me draw closer to Christ and give more to the work! She is cool and I also hope that I will be able to continue to serve with her! 

Because of Transfers and holidays next weekend, preparation day will be on Saturday the 21st instead of Monday the 23rd. So, I will be talking to you again then!  

I hope you have a great week! Love those you serve! Seek to be the Lord's hands! Do great things! :) 
Love  you so much! 

Sister Robison 

Me in a subway station

Sister Capener! 

Sister Meleisea and Edwards and I

Sisters Osman, Bell, Brown, Me and Kehrer! 


Subway Shot!      Kelly, Who am I?! :D 

Subway Travels! I miss this! :) 

Sister Bell, Sister Phelan, and I! 

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