Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Week 66 - Please Enjoy These Rambles... :)

                                                                                                                                                May 9

Okay. Crazy week. Good week.

I loved seeing you all yesterday! I just adore you all and miss you! Just know how great you all are! 

So, I don't have much time... we are going to Toronto today and want to spend as much time down there as possible! SO, we will make it brief. 

This past week on Tuesday we had MLC! Mission Leadership Council. It was great! I never realized how involved the leaders of the mission are! I am so grateful for it. 

Something that really stood out was said by President Clayton: "Don't give Satan place at the table." 
Often times in this life, there are lots of things we are trying to overcome. With the help of Christ and the atonement, we can overcome it! Once we do it, the important thing is to stop dwelling on it. Forgive forget and move on. As we look back and dwell on those things, we are allowing Satan to come back in and bring all that guilt and those same bad or unwanted feelings back in. So, as we use the atonement, whatever it may be for, we need to make sure we move on! Don't give Satan place at the table by dwelling on things of the past. It can be applied in a million ways! I love it! :) 

Deneil had his baptismal interview yesterday and passed! We are so excited for him to make convenants with his Heavenly Father this upcoming Saturday at 7! It is going to be awesome! He is so ready. :) 

I do love Sister Bell. She is just the best. She is teaching me so much and helping me to draw closer to the Savior just by being who she is! :) She's a keeper! She may or may not have asked me to marry her a week ago... haha, it was funny. I just laughed and moved on... :P 

Other highlights? ummmm... I can't think of any at this moment. 
Just know that I love you! Sorry for the short letter.. But things are good! We have some good exchanges coming up. Some great people we are looking forward to meeting with. And we know we will see miracles as we continue to do all that we can! The Lord will provide! 

Love you all! :) 
Stay safe! 
Remember who you are! 

Sister Robison 
PONDERIZE: Moroni 7:33

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