Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 39 - Ahh! Time is low!

                                                                                                               October 26, 2016

Ahh! I was responding to a lot of emails and forgot to make much time for this email! My apologies! 

To be honest, this week has been a little rough! We are working hard and as far as investigators go, we seem to just keep loosing them! Between getting deported, moving to other parts of Canada, or just a new found lack of interest, they all seem to be disappearing! It is a little rough. But, we are continuing to extend our faith. As we do so, we start to see miracles in other phases of the work. For example, last Saturday night, a Recent Convert (of a couple years)/ Less-Active member that has been on the ward focus list since before I even arrived in the area, texted us asking about times for church. She has tended to be pretty flaky, so we didn't have a ton of hope. But, much to our surprise, she and her daughter showed up to church! And then, they proceeded to stay for the remainder of the meetings! They did leave the 3rd hour early- her daughter was not feeling well, but made sure to let us know how much they loved being there later that day via telephone. We set up a time to come down and teach them a lesson, and once again, they surprised us by really being home! We were able to reteach them the restoration- explaining to them that as we re-teach them the missionary lessons, they will be able to re-build their faith. By the end of the lesson, we found that the previous weekend, she suddenly had a great desire to go to church. So, she came. And, while we were there with her, she gained a great desire to go to the temple. Next lesson, we will be inviting her to think and pray about a date to go to the temple to participate in Proxy baptisms for those that have passed on. In preparation for the temple, we will be re-teaching her all the lessons and re-committing her to all the commandments. It has been so neat to work with the newer and less active members of the church. You can see the change the gospel is making within them. It is humbling! 

As far as other highlights, I found myself back at the walk-in clinic with a new throat infection! Yay! haha... this time around I got some stronger antibiotics that should knock it out! We also made quite a few trips to the auto shop this week as we had to have them check and eventually replace our car battery so it would keep dying on us.. So, that was fun! :) All the leaves are starting to basically fall off the trees... Fall is coming to a close and winter is well on it's way. Time to start bundling up! 

Well, I am sorry but that is all the time that I have for today! Thank you for your emails! I really love your thoughts and stories from the week previous! It makes my week being able to hear from all of you! I love you and look forward to your emails next week. Have a good one! Lots of love! :) 

Sister Robison
59 River Rd #23 
Welland, ON L3B 2R7

PONDERIZE: 2 Nephi 16:8 (It is my new favorite!) 

PS, David Day, the LeRoy family says hello! (You were in their top 3 of fav missionaries). 

PPS, HAPPY HALLOWEEN and day light savings! The only time you get to sleep in as a missionary!
We got front row seats to a passing train!
We made cookies with oreo's in them!
The Beautiful Leaves of Fall!

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