Thursday, October 22, 2015

Week 28 - I Love It!

                                                                                                                       August 10, 2015

I am so happy in this work. I just wanted to let you all know! 

This week has been great. We have both really gained a testimony of talking to everyone the Lord places in our paths. It makes sense really. We pray all the time that those who are prepared will be placed in our paths, but then often times forget that we need to then follow through on our part and talk to all of those in our paths to find those who are prepared! Talking to everyone was something that was hard to do in the large city. But, in a small town, it is easy, fun, and we have really enjoyed seeing the way the Lord has blessed this area as we sacrifice our natural desires and go out of our way to open our mouths! The area is really starting to grow. We have been able to find a good amount of new investigators as well as a lot of potentials that we will hopefully be working with in the future! We are both so excited to see the work go forth. 

Follow up on Stacey, we have had a hard time getting in contact with her since last week. But, we will be doing a better job at it this week! And, we will just love her, and give her lots of boxes in preparation for her moving out! She will love us and will stop being afraid of us :) 

The work is going really well in Welland. We love the area and the members! We really are kinda out in the middle of no where... It is so fun to see all the farm land all around us! We make a joke about preaching to the cows... Maybe one day this next week, we will have to pencil that in :) 

My favorite thing this week really has been talking to and testifying to people on the street. With consecration comes power, and I can feel that. There is a palpable difference. I feel the power behind my testimony as I share it with those that I come in contact with, despite the situation or location of the contact! I love the spirit. I love feeling it as we are teaching and inviting others to come unto Christ. I now understand the gospel better than I ever have before, and can feel the power of the gospel as I am teaching it to others. I know that the gospel truly blesses lives, and I just want others to listen to the message that we have to share and act upon it! It will bless and change their lives! 

Anyways, I do love this work. I love this area. I love my companion. Things are going really well. We are seeing so many blessings that are coming from our hard work! Thank you for all the prayers. We really can feel them out here. They make a difference. Every single prayer helps us swallow our fears and continue on! It is so neat to watch and see! 

Well, I am running out of time. But, I sincerely hope you all have a great week! Work hard, play hard, and have fun! :)  I love you all! 

Much love, Sister Robison

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