Thursday, October 22, 2015

Week 32 - Hello, Goodbye!

                                                                                                                     September 7, 2015

Family, Friend, People of the World! Prepare yourself for one of the shortest emails I have probably ever written... :) 

Hello! For some reason or another, preparation day was not moved! Oh yea, that some reason was because of transfers! Are you ready for this? I am staying in Welland! Sister Simon is going to Oakville south with Sister Spiekerman (My MTC companion)! To top it all off, I will be.. training a new missionary! I am so excited! and Humbled! and more ready than I ever have been. Through my past companions, many of them with one medical issue or another, I have learned SO much. When I left home and came to the mission, I was so prideful. Puffed up in my heart. The Lord has definitely taught me how to be humble, and I have seen how life is so much better as we are humble- as we accept His will and follow the perfect plan that He has for each of us! God is good. I wish I could sum up for you all that I have learned- even in the past week- but there is just not enough time for that. 

Quick update on the week! We had some really interesting lessons and even contacts! We have been struggling a little to find new investigators this past week and the one before... But, I have gained such a testimony of the importance of following missionary schedules and guidelines with exactness. As we make time for everything that we are told to do, we are able to see miracles and see how God blesses us! Consecration and the blessings that come from it are so real! Sister Simon and I were able to attend the mission temple trip in preparation for General Conference! I am so grateful. I love the temple. So much. I feel like I have been able to fill my cup! I am hoping I will be able to attend again sometime soon, but we will see.

I love being a missionary. I love the experiences that I am having. I have drawn so much closer to my Savior. I can see how much I have changed since when I first entered the mission field. I am so grateful that I have been led on this path so that I can one day be an even greater instrument in my Savior's hands. 

I love you all! I hope you have a great week! Take much luck! 

Sister Robison :) 

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