Thursday, October 22, 2015

Week 30 - Families, Ice Cream, and Many other great things!

                                                                                                                         August 24, 2015
 You are all wonderful! I love you all!

Well, this week was good. I am grateful for miracles and members! We are officially teaching a family! Cadet and Esther, and 3 of their children! They call them the B sisters because all of their names start with B's! I would say that Kara Kelly Karly and I should start going by the K sisters, but it just doesn't sound as catchy.. :) Anyways! They are lovely! They are from Haiti. Their daughters are young- 13, 11, 9- but they are so kind and so smart! We will be meeting with them again tonight, and hopefully a few more times throughout the week! Cadet, the father, LOVES the gospel! The main reason why he let us in is because he was so impressed with our desire to share the gospel with others. Their family loved the restoration message, and we are excited to go back and follow up on their family scripture reading from the Book of Mormon, and their prayers! We love families!! :) 

Peggy is doing well! We were able to drop off a Family Proclamation to the world that she really enjoyed and agrees with! It fit perfectly with the discussion we had about the Plan of Salvation. This time around, we brought with us another member, Sister Medwin! Turns out that Sister Medwin and Peggy's kids grew up together in the same friend group! Miracles happen every day. So, Sister Medwin has been great with Peggy! We will be teaching her the Gospel of Jesus Christ this week and talking about baptism! We are excited. Peggy is solid! She is really searching for truth, and wants to know what God has in store for her! :) 

Speaking of the Medwins... They had us over for dinner last night. Their favorite thing to do with missionaries, especially their first time over (which it was for both Sister Simon and I) is something called "The Ice Cream Challenge". So, after they stuff you up with delicious food! They bring out dessert. Approximately 1 liter of ice cream for you both to eat. Holy Cow. I was about 9 bites away. I had to stop unfortunately. I felt so sick...  haha! Sister Simon did it though. She is a champ :) 

Well, other than that, the only really big thing to mention is that we had a great Specialty training with a couple other Zones on Thursday. So, President Clayton is all about the Work of Salvation! Working with investigators, as well as less active members, and recent converts to the church! So, after counseling with the Lord, our Mission Standards of Excellence will change starting in September! We will be keeping track of the amount of lessons and so forth for both investigators as well as new and returning members! It is a lot to take it, and will be a huge adjustment. But there are some really neat things coming here in the Canada Toronto Mission! We will truly be focusing on the work of salvation, and it will be nice because all of our efforts will be shown in the numbers we report at the end of the week. There is a ton more to say about it, but unfortunately not enough time! Hopefully I will be able to explain more next week! 

Well, I love you! Good luck with the new school year! Take care of yourselves, and I will talk to you in a weeks time! :) 

Much love,                                       Sister Robison 

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