Thursday, October 22, 2015

Week 37 - Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

                                                                                                                       October 12, 2015

Hello hello! Once again! It is Monday and time to write all of you lovelies! :) 

This week was good! We had a really cool experience at the beginning of the week. We were going to contact a referral we received from a 10 year old daughter in a member family we were teaching. After we taught them, we asked who the spirit had indicated to them might be in need of this message! The daughter told us we should go talk to her friend and his family. The next day, we made arrangements to do just that! We had parked a few streets over, and were making our way towards the house. We decided to take a slight detour to talk to a couple gentlemen coming down the street. One was not interested. However, the other was! He explained that he didn't have time to talk now but really wanted to know more about our faith. Later that night, he actually sent us a text like he said he would, and the following day, he became a new investigator! The actual referral we were given was not interested. But, we learned a lot from this experience. Always open our mouths. Sometimes the person the spirit directed isn't who is ready. But rather, we need to be in that area to talk to someone else that is there! 

We had a good short meeting with our Bishop and Ward Mission Leader Thursday evening to talk more about the Mission Vision and how we can implement it here in the Welland area! One of the cool things Bishop Glanfield talked to us about is that He knows there are over 2000 people here in the ward boundaries ready to be baptized. Apparently, when he was Ward Mission Leader here about 20 years ago, he received revelation that over 1,000 people were ready to be baptized. When he went to  talk to the Bishop at that time about it, the Bishop replied and told him it was actually 3,000. Our Bishop went on to explain that the church came out with a statistic that about 3% of the population in any given area is ready to be baptized. The trick is the members need to be ready to receive these people. Our Heavenly Father needs to know we can take care of them and help them to nourish in the Gospel. The last thing He wants is for His children to make covenants and then leave because they were not being taken care of. I love the mission vision, because it will help our ward to change which will help the missionary work to change which will allow us to help more of God's children! This is what it is all about! :) I love it! 

I guess I should say Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Sister Edwards and I have had a good time celebrating Thanksgiving in the middle of October! It is kinda strange, but it definitely feels like fall so that makes it better! For the first time in my life I feel like I am actually experiencing fall! It is wonderful! The leaves are changing and it is really fun to watch! We have fun looking for great leaves as we walk around and talk to people! We are beginning to have a collection of pretty red maple leaves! No wonder they have it on their flag! 

Thanksgiving here is similar, but also different! Instead of just being one day, it is more of a weekend thing. For example, we had Thanksgiving dinner with a lovely family Saturday night, then again Sunday night with a different family, and will again Tonight with another family! Lots of Turkey!! Canadians all celebrate at their own convenience. It is kinda fun! It is cool to see everyone's various traditions and different recipes. :) 

But, let's not forget about the most important part of Thanksgiving, giving thanks! President Clayton, more than anything, has taught me how to be grateful and count my blessings. As we count our blessings, we are able to see God's hand in our lives. I have enjoyed being able to say many gratitude prayers this week. When thing are hardest is when we need to be most thankful. That is how we will receive the most comfort and help in our trials! Counting our blessings is truly one of our greatest blessings! 

The only downside about Canadian Thanksgiving being a long weekend things is that I may or may not have strep throat and all the walk in clinics are closed until tomorrow... I have great timing! Do not worry about me though. We have toned things down a lot- waiting for tomorrow to come when the offices will be open. The throat dosen't hurt too bad- more the stomach. But our Ward Mission Leader made sure I drank a lot of carrot juice and Hot water with lemon. I am on the road to recovery! 

Well, I love you all! Have a good week! Count your blessings! 

Much Love, Sister Robison 

PS, karly, you are too young to drive! Kara, you rock! That tough mudder looks like fun! Let us do it! mom, I love your giving thanks quote! Kelly, I love your face! Dad, work hard! Nate, you never email me so ... 

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