Thursday, October 22, 2015

Week 26 - What a Transfer! Certainly one I will Remember!

Week 26                                                                                                                              July 27, 2015

Good day! 

So, yeah. I am having problems with my tooth... It is not too much fun, but that's okay. I need to be humbled. I am taking Ibprofin which pretty much does the trick as long as I don't chew with my tooth or accidentally bite down too hard... I am about to call the dentist and get something set up for it though! So, wish me luck with all that! 

This past week has been good, crazy, but good. Sister Lundin was picked up by the Sister Training Leaders on Tuesday, and from there, met up with President and Sister Clayton. She flew out and got home on Wednesday. I just adore her! She is so sweet, and I am so glad that she is getting the rest that she needs. I haven't heard too much, but I know that she has passed her other Kidney Stones which must be a huge sense of relief! Now she just needs to rest up and get better with everything else. 

So, as I am sure you are all wondering! I spent from mid Tuesday on with the Sisters in St. Catharines- Sister Chelsen (who came out the transfer after I did) and Sister Bell (who just finished her first transfer!). They are the area just above Welland. We had fun juggling the two areas for the rest of the week! These sisters are amazing though. I have learned so much from both of them! I am grateful for their help in my readjustment back into missionary work and missionary life! They have both taught me so many great things and I am excited to be able to implement these into the Welland area! Serving with them has been especially fun because they are my age, both in real life, as well as in the mission! I would compare serving in a trio to a constant slumber party. :) We shared many laughs and many good memories! And, they will remain in my district for this next transfer, so I will be able to continue to learn and grow from and with them! 

With that being said, I guess it might be important to let you know that I will be returning back to Welland (same apartment and all!)! There is so much to do in that area, and I am excited to get to work! I will be serving with Sister Simon, who has been out for as long as Sister Maas and Sister Lundin- just over a year now. It will be great! I am excited to learn from her! :) 

This past week was crazy. We were back and forth between areas, and saw so many miracles with investigators from each area! The Lord really does bless His missionaries, especially as they are doing all they can to help their areas! 

Something noteworthy is that they have implemented something new at the end of a Missionary's first 6 weeks. They get to go to the temple! and so, since I was with Sister Chelson and Sister Bell, we got to go to the temple! I am so grateful for that! I love the temple. I love the peace and the comfort that is felt in those walls. It was a great ending to a wonderful transfer, and has helped to re-boost my spirit and my desire for this up coming transfer! 

Side note, I had a member send a short video clip for the reunion, and I am sorry you didn't get it! I will ask them to resend it, just so you can watch and tear up! ;) I did get the package you sent though! and the letters. Mom, the small white one came first, and then the other letter and the package came on the next day. Thank you so much! I am so i love with most of the things in there! :) I cannot believe it has been 6 months already. Time flies so fast. I think back to where I was 6 months ago, and where I am at now, and things seem completely different. More than anything, my testimony and relationship with my Savior have grown. I know that He is there. I know that He loves me. I am grateful to know that this is His work. I am grateful to know that He trusts me to be a missionary. I am grateful to know that His gospel has been restored to the earth in its fullness. I am so grateful for the priesthood. It is real, and it exists on the earth today. I am grateful for the experiences I am having, and know they will be for my good. I am grateful to know that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God, and I am grateful to know that there is a real living prophet on the earth today who communicates God's will for us. I truly do know that these things are real. and, you can too as you read and pray about it. God is there, and He will answer you. 

I hope you have a good week, enjoy your summer, and remember who you are (a child of God!)! 

Much love, Sister Robison  

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