Thursday, October 22, 2015

Week 22 - I'm Famous! Jokes, but it is still fun.

                                                                                                                             June 29, 2015

Hello hello! So, this past week has been pretty crazy, and fun, and exciting! To start, check out this link! I'm on 
I can't remember if I talked about this last week or not.. But our ward has people born in over 70 countries, so we took a picture for the Public Affairs office! I love this ward, there are so many great people! 

So, like I said, this week has been... weird and crazy, but good. On Tuesday, we had a super long Zone Conference (9 am-5:30 pm). But, it was super good! A lot of really neat things were shared. We had a member, who is working in the Pan Am games, come talk to us all about the games, what it will be like, the crazy amount of people, and some of the different events and things going on. Basically, Toronto, most of Ontario, is going to be popping! We were also able to talk about a lot of missionary stuff, and then, (Jill will be so proud!) we had a short 20 minutes or so dedicated to talking about dental hygiene! (BTW, Jill, I have been flossing! ;)) 

The most important thing I learned from our Zone Conference though, was the importance of Sabbath Day observance. Every year, in April, the General Authorities of the Church gather together and talk about things that are important for Members to know. Usually, the cover a wide range of topics. However, this year, they only talked about one thing. Sabbath Day Observance. We were blessed with the chance to watch some parts of what was shared, and discuss it a little. Ultimately, these are some of the main points that I took away. 
Observing the Sabbath Day fully, will keep our kids un-spotted and clean from the world. Sabbath Day observance has a direct correlation with our testimonies and activity in the Church. Our Sabbath Day observance is a reflection of our love and devotion to God. God has given us everything. All He asks is for one day in return. We have been promised, by Prophets and Apostles of the Lord, that is we keep the Sabbath Day Holy, Keep it focused on our Savior, that our lives and the lives of our children will be blessed. 
What does keeping it holy entail? The basics are no shopping, going out to eat, play sports or working (if possible). In my own opinion, it also includes avoiding doing homework, watching TV shows and casually hanging out with friends. 
The Sabbath Day is a day to remember Christ, and focus out Him, and our Heavenly Father. I invite all of you to make your Sabbath Day's more consecrated and meaningful. As you do so, I can promise you that there will be a difference in your life. You and your family will receive more blessings, and who wouldn't want that! 
Please just think about this counsel. The Prophet and Apostles promise that it will save generations as we observe the Sabbath Day more fully. It is one thing we can do to ensure that our children learn about Christ and His Gospel. 

On Wednesday, we were able to meet with Patricia again. She is so awesome! She has such a love for the gospel, and I am excited to watch her return with full force. I am also excited to see what this change taking place in her will do for her husband. She has told us that he is already curious, and his heart might be softening to the gospel again. I contribute part of that to all of the Family History work he has been doing. The Spirit of Elijah is real! 

On Thursday, we had a crazy time trying to weekly plan. We ended up getting kicked out of our apartment due to some repairs that needed to be made... So, we tried planning on the grass for a while. But, I don't like bugs, so that was not going very well. Then, we tried going to the church. It worked better, but still was a little hard because a lot of our time was used traveling over there! We only had an hour or so until we had to leave to get to a dinner appointment at the top of our area. 

Friday, was a crazy and awesome day as far as working with the ward, and less active/returning/new members, two of them who are very hard to reach! We met with 4 different people, and all of them were good lessons. I loved being with one of our returning members, Kathy. She has been going through some physical difficulties as of lately, and so we came over just to up lift her and give her some comfort. What I loved, is that the spirit taught her. Through our meeting, the message she got out of it was that she needed to go back to praying and reading her scriptures in order to get spiritual help during this time. It was one of those moments where I was just reminded, this is the Lord's work, and not mine. He is teaching these people through the spirit. I am simply just a tool in His hands. It was a neat experience that I am really grateful for. 

Saturday, our ward participated in a Food Drive! Being without a car, Sister Gillins and I stayed at the chapel, and sorted all of the food that was brought in. We did it very similar, well, basically identical, to how we do them in Las Vegas! Just dropping the bags off, and then going around and collecting them a few days later. It was fun to help, and good to get our name out into the community! It ended just in time for the rain to start pouring! Don't worry, we stayed relatively dry.. :) We spent most of the time after that subway contacting until it was time to head to our dinner appointment. We ate with members from Ghana. They fed us something called Omo Tuo- Rice balls with chicken and peanut butter soup! The best part is that we ate the soup with our hands. I will have to send pictures once I get them from Sister Gillins! 

And, this brings us to Sunday! Which was for the most part, pretty normal, until we got to Sunday evening, when Sister Gillins and I received an unexpected Transfer Call from President Clayton! Surprise! He informed us that I am being transferred out of Etobicoke, to Welland. Sister Gillins is staying with a sweet sister, Sister Womack. I will be white washing for the second transfer in a row! My new companion will be Sister Lundine! She was MTC companions with Sister Maas, and trained my MTC Companion Sister Spiekerman! It should be fun, I am excited. It is going to be completely different. We will be in a smaller town, and we will have a car. We are thinking there are still going to be some Pan Am things happening over there, but will have to let you know for sure! I will be in the Hamilton Zone which is exciting. Apparently, Hamilton is where they shot some of one of the Batman movies!

So, I will have to keep you updated! But, just know that I love this work. I know that my Mission President is an inspired man, and therefore that this call is from the Lord. As much as I am going to miss the wonderful people here in Etobicoke and Sister Gillins, I must go and do, for the Lord has commanded, and I know He will prepare a way. Great things will be happening! 

I love you! Stay safe, and have faith and hope! 

Sister Robison 

The LDS Canada News Room front page!

Canadian Multiculturalism Day Not Just an Annual Celebration
In the Etobicoke (Toronto), Ontario, congregation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, multiculturalism isn’t just an annual celebration; it’s a way of life. With congregants from 72 different countries, diversity is one of the congregation’s greatest strengths.
In November 2002, the Government of Canada designated 27 June of each year as Canadian Multiculturalism Day. The day is “an opportunity to celebrate our diversity and our commitment to democracy, equality and mutual respect and to appreciate the contributions of the various multicultural groups and communities to Canadian society” (see the Government of Canada’s “Celebrate Canada” webpage).
This national objective is consistent with the Church’s teachings that every person is a child of God and of equal importance and value. In recognition of that belief, Latter-day Saints refer to each other as brothers and sisters.
“We are very blessed in Toronto that the world comes to us,” said Bishop Tom Pallin, senior clergy of the Etobicoke congregation. “According to the Huron interpretation, Toronto means ‘a gathering of tribes, or meeting place.’ Never has that been more true than now. Our members come from all continents and bring with them new ideas, traditions, disciplines and a deep faith. We are so grateful for them and open our arms to all.”
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints functions in large measure because of the unpaid volunteer ministry of its members. In local congregations or “wards” around the world, members voluntarily participate in “callings” or assignments that provide meaningful opportunities to serve each other and their communities.
“Many of the women and men that [make up] our ward leadership council are immigrants,” explains Zeny Jensen, president of the Church’s local women’s organization, the Relief Society— herself an immigrant from the Philippines. “It’s very difficult to leave our family and home country to come to Canada, but we find extended family here. I really feel rich because I have brothers and sisters from different nationalities that emulate Christ’s example.”
“The Lord Jesus Christ taught us to love our neighbour [Matthew 22:39, Mark 12:31],” added Bishop Pallin. “He also taught that the meaning of ‘neighbour’ includes all of God’s children, in all places, at all times. In Etobicoke Ward, we try to emulate the Saviour’s teaching in the way we embrace and love each other.”

Omu Tuo

Sister Gillin said, "I am in Heaven...we found a chocolate orange!  they must sell them all year!"

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  1. Sister Gillin's Last Letter Before Katie is Transferred to Welland.

    Monday, June 29, 2015
    It's been a Whirlwind!!
    So "this week has been just weird!" That is what Sister Robison has been saying all week. And she’s right. It has been a stinking good week! We worked our butts off and it was fun, but weird ;)
    We worked a lot with members this week! Working with lots of returning members and recent converts. We were able to really teach with the spirit this week and the spirit was the one who taught all of them, not us. It was amazing! From that they were able to open up and talk about the main and real concerns of everything. This has been a huge help because now we know where to go with these people. We just aren't spinning our tires in mud anymore but we have traction and we are gonna start taking off! I am really excited for all of this!! :D

    I got to see Sis Lindquist this week at zone conference! Still as beautiful as ever!! It is fun to be able to see good friends! :D
    But there was a huge centipede in the gym while we were eating lunch and no one would kill it for me... so I ended up at the other side of the gym.. I hate centipedes.. Ontario seems to be covered with them!!

    We also got kicked out of our apartment... JK! They were just doing some repairs and we couldn't be there with men in the apartment.. that would just be awkward! So we decided to do weekly planning out on the grass behind the building. It was a very beautiful day for it as well. Not to hot and not to cold. And there was no wind so nothing blew away! The only concern we had was bugs crawling up our skirts!! But we stayed pretty safe from that ;)

    We had dinner with a sweet Phillapino family! I brought up baloot and the next thing I know I am agreeing to eating it next week on Friday! So wish me luck! Pray I won’t barf!!! :D
    I can’t really explain what it is... you just need to Google it okay?

    But we had this great food called Omu Tuo. It is from Ghana! It is rice balls with chicken in peanut butter soup! It is delicious!! You eat it with your hands! It was very very interesting.. but I will get the recipe and make it for all of you when I get home! I love serving here because the world comes to us!! We get to meet so many people and learn about there culture! I love it! I love hearing them speak! Cause lots of times they are speaking English but I have no clue on what they are saying. But they all say I have a way better accent than Sister Robison. They make me always repeat what she said cause they didn't understand her ;)

    Oh ya!! Crazy thing that happened yesterday! We got a call from President telling us that there has been a need for an emergency transfer. DUN DUN DUN!! But it’s all okay! We are fine! So Sister Robison will be leaving me and going to the wonderful land of Wellend!! yay yippe!! And I get the beautiful chance to serve with Sister Womack for the rest of my mission! She’s a red head so we will have lots of fun together! I’m kinda freaking out cause I still feel like I have no clue where I am going on the bus.. I just get off when Sister Robison does.. But it will be an adventure for sure!! Missions are beautiful things that always keep you on your toes!!!

    (check out the front page of our ward is on it!! :D I am wearing green!

    I love you all so much!!

    -Sister Gillins