Thursday, October 22, 2015

Week 24 - What A Week!!

                                                                                                                              July 13, 2015
Hello! Hi! Hey! 

So, Mom, to answer your question, I did get the package and envelopes before I left! Thank you so much! We have loved being able to make chocolate milk! Thank you thank you! :) We have been using the CD's for Sister Lundin too! We both agree that you are inspired! 

Dad, Sister Lundin is wondering if you could be her dad for a few days, so she could play Clair De Lune for you, and then get a car! haha I told her I would pass it on! Also, I am not sure about the Ipad's... either September or December.. I will keep you posted! :) 

So, this week was quite the adventure... I will try to describe to you the most eventful 36 hours that we had! Ready? Okay, I will give it a go! 

So, Tuesday night, we get back to the apartment, and are about to start nightly planning, when I find that we actually have an AC unit! We go to plug it in and turn it on, but it blows a fuse (the fuse that covers our bedroom, as well as our bathroom), and it also blows the outlet (aka, were lucky there was no fire). So, we do nightly planning, and then call our super and ask for their help. They tell us they won't give us a fuse, but they will be up soon to look at it. SO, then we call a sweet member in the ward and she tells us that she will be right over with a fuse! So, the super and her husband show up, and end up replacing the fuse and giving us an extra, and then take a look at the outlet, and the ac that they tell us was dangerously hanging out the window... Not our fault! But we took it all out, and get it all good, just in time for our member, who was supposed to be saving our bacon, to arrive. They chat, and we ultimately decide that we will give them the mission office's number so they can call and talk to them about it. So, that was all taken care of. Well, as much as it could have been done that evening. So, Sister Lundin and I decide to sleep in the living room on our couches for the night with the fans near by to stay cool. With everything that had happened that night, and the past week, we ended up going to bed pretty late. So, we go to sleep, finally! and around 3:15 in the morning, Sister Lundin wakes me up because she is having intense pain on her left side. So, we try different things until about 5 in the morning when we finally call the mission nurse. We try a few different things, and nothing really works. Eventually, we turned on some music, and Sister Lundin finally fell back asleep around 6 am, which gave me 30 more min of sleep until I had to wake up at 6:30. Obedience! So, she slept for a while and we heard more from the nurse, and around 1, we decided to go into the ER. We went to a little hospital 3 K's away. We spent 6 hours there and they basically just told her to go home and take some Ibuprofin... So, we tried! But, she was still in a ton of pain. So, around 10:35 that night, with permission from President Clayton, and the mission nurse, Sister Lau, we began the hour drive into Hamilton to the hospital there. We ended up being there from 11:45 that night to 10:59 that morning! We got little to no sleep...2 hours tops... :) After all of that was said and done, we found out that Sister Lundin had passed a Kidney Stone! What what! She is a trooper. Then they told her to go home and take Alieve... but, we were both glad it was done with and gone. 

So, all in all, 17 hours in the ER, 6ish hours of sleep in 48 hours, and a companion who has a concussion, and passed a kidney stone! 

I have to admit, spending that much time in the ER made me think about Justin a lot! I feel like he would like it there... :) 

I don't think I have ever been so sick from pure exhaustion! We came back after it all, and both passed out for a good 5 hours or so which felt so good! Apparently our super was trying to come in and fix some things, but because of our chain on the door, they couldn't get it. They told us they were shouting and banging on the doors. We were so out, we didn't hear it at all. :) 

But, through it all, we have definitely learned things! One thing we have learned is to take "What else could go wrong?" Out of our vocabulary completely! Never again am I saying that phrase! Another thing I have learned is the power and importance of the priesthood, and priesthood blessings. We have both received a couple blessings over the past week. Things have been hard, and challenging, and crazy. The blessings that we have received have been a huge staple for both of us. They bring so much peace, and so much comfort! Something neat that has come up in both of the blessings I have received recently has been that Angels are standing around me, supporting me, and helping me. It reminds me of the experience Heidi had! I want to add my testimony to Heidi's (even though she talked about this months ago.. :)) that I know there are people here helping me! I know I have relatives from both sides working with me, and helping me in ways I don't even understand! For that, I am eternally grateful. 

SO, now, I can share a funny experience. Something that has been neat is that every time we do get the chance to get out and work, we have good and memorable experiences! We talk to super nice people who hear us out, some express the desire to learn more, others do not, but over all, good and uplifting experiences which we are both so grateful for. We had a funny experience yesterday. We went to drop by a less active member. Their front porch was COVERED in spider webs! I am pretty sure I walked through some... Sister Lundin and I both decided to be brave and to knock on the door anyways. So, we knocked, and were waiting for an answer. While we were just standing there, a spider dropped down right in front of my face! I didn't know whether to laugh, scream, or cry... So, it was kinda a mix of it all.. Instead of just running away, we knocked on the door one more time. The spider just dangled right in front of my face the entire time. I was freaking out. We waited for 30 seconds, and then ran. It gave us something good to laugh about after! I am grateful for experiences like those :) 

Well, I hope your week was as great, if not even better than ours! I love this gospel! I love being able to bear my testimony and help others! Keep up the great work! Keep enjoying your summer! We're going to go to Niagara Falls today which is going to be a party! I love you! 

Sincerely, the spider loving, official ER hating,
Sister Robison 

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