Thursday, October 22, 2015

Week 16 - Surprise! It's me! I am still living and breathing and a missionary!

                                                                                                                             May 19, 2015
Preparation Day was on a Tuesday this week due to another wonderful

Canadian Holiday- Victoria Day!

Canadians are so similar to Americans, and yet so different from
Americans. When we have a holiday in the states, everyone gets out of
their house. They go to the mall, the movies, hiking, etc. Canadians,
on the other hand, sit inside, or leave the city. But being out and
about is almost no good because there is hardly no one out there! All
the shops, libraries, and a majority of restaurants are closed, and it
seems like everyone just disappears! Poof! haha! But, that is why you
didn't hear from me yesterday.

So, this week has been good. Things are a little slow because we have
basically had to start from scratch. BUT, they are moving! I am
learning a lot during this time. As we are out and working hard every
day, I am learning to see how the Lord is working with us in the
details of this work. I feel like I have been expecting the work to
pick up and for everything to boom, and have been a little
disappointed and discouraged because that is not happening. But,
recently, with Heavenly help, my eyes are opening up, and I have been
able to see that although the work is not progressing rapidly, things
are going! We had an investigator come to church this past week, which
was a total surprise! He showed up to all of it, accept sacrament
meeting. But, stayed for the rest of the meetings and the Linger
Longer! What made it even better is that members were gong out of
their way to help him and fellowship him. I was so grateful to see
that! The Lord is answering our prayers, but in His time, and for that
I am grateful. It has reminded me again that this is His work, not
mine. He is in charge. And, I am grateful for that! I just need to do
my part, and continue to dedicate and consecrate myself more so that I
don't let anything stand in the way of Him working through me. So, it
is time to work even harder, talk to more people, and above all else,
seek for Heavenly help to know what the Lord would have us do!

This week, through it all, I feel as though my testimony of Prayer has
been growing! As we pray, I know our Heavenly Father is listening to
us! I had a small but meaningful experience with prayer this week that
I would love to share with you all. So, the past 3 years or so, I
haven't been able to really drink or eat milk. Every time I would, it
hurt my stomach. Well, since being out, there are some mornings where
all I have time for is a quick bowl of cereal. At first I was worried.
But, much to my surprise, I was finding that my stomach was handling
it well. That was until Thursday. After my bowl of cereal, I felt
pains in my stomach. I eventually just had to ignore them and go out
and work. Reflecting through the day though, I realized that I had
forgotten to do something so small, but so important. I forgot to
bless my bowl of cereal! What I used to think of as such a small and
insignificant thing has now become so important to me. He listens to
us, even if it is a prayer as simple as asking our Heavenly Father to
bless the food that we will eat, and allow it to nourish and
strengthen our bodies. So, pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ,
because He loves you and wants to help you in all things!

This week, I have been looking for ways in enhance my study time. So,
I took the advice of a young couple that used to be in the Etobicoke
ward (bus has since moved back to utah..) and I have changed the way
that I read the Book of Mormon. On the front cover of the Book of
Mormon, it says "Another Testament of Jesus Christ!" To help me come
to a better understanding of this myself, I have begun to highlight
every reference to Jesus Christ. So, now instead of just reading the
words, I am searching for Christ while reading. This has begun to
completely alter my understanding of and perspective on the Book of
Mormon! Christ truly is in the details! It has been so neat to see the
difference in my reading and studying, as well as to see my
understanding of who Christ is change over the past week. I am sure
this concept is old, but, it is new to me! It goes right along with
how President Bednar has instructed us to read the scriptures. I
invite all of you to try it out! :)

I guess I should mention my new companion! Sister Gillins is AWESOME!
She dies at the end of July :( but, she is wonderful none the less!
She is silly, and for that, I love her! She has such a desire to help
everyone and we have really enjoyed working together thus far! This is
her first bus area, so it has been fun to see her conquer bus
contacting! Some of our best memories so far have been meal times
together. We have a very minimal selection of food in our apartment,
and so we have gotten really creative with some of the food we have
eaten thus far! For example, a few days ago we made Hamburger
Strogonaff, even though we were missing half the ingredients... It
still tasted pretty good though! haha :) Food is always an adventure
for us! We are both grateful for the cookbooks that we have, they have
helped a good deal!

Well, I believe that is all for this week. Things are going well, just
always learning and growing! I love you all! I hope you have a good
week!                                                    Sister Robison

this is what we do when we are the only ones of the bus. blurry because the bus was moving... but yes! I am going to get so tan this summer! the tan lines will be awesome as well! :) 
 The hamburger stroganoff. Delicious                
Some funny and slightly yummy Canadian chips!!
The only ones on the bus!! #whodowetalkto  (Good thing the bus drivers love us)

Hey you guys! SO, just a little more detail for the close family, especially you two! 

Something that Sister Gillins is helping me with A TON, is to just be myself! That is something that I struggled with with Sister Maas (not that sister maas isn't great and wonderful,because she totally is!), partially because I am such a people pleaser,and I didn't want to do anything she would frown upon.. But, Sister Gillins is goofy, and light spirited and has helped me to be much more of myself! We talk about loved ones often, and it has helped to remind me of how much I love you all, and how much I would tell you both when I was home! So, I decided, I need to be more open about everything. That has been a struggle in itself, but we are still a family, and I feel more united with you all when I tell you more! (i'm not sure if this makes sense... it does in my head... :) anyways...)

I love you guys! I got your package this week with Trace's picture in it. So cute! :) I love it! and thank you for the juice pouches! :) 

This week was slow which was a little tough. Sister Gillins has a ton going on at home and that is sometimes tough. Now, with that being said, I am amazed and so grateful for her dedication to this work. She is so great. She just has such a desire to serve and has been such an example to me about how to push through. She is in no way holding us back because of those things going on. If anything, it has brought us closer together. She has been more open with me about everything than any of her other companions which has been good for both of us! It helps me to know where she is at, and it helps her to be able to talk through all her feelings and emotions. Dad, I have been taking advice you gave me, and I have just been mostly listening to her. Letting her get it all off her chest. She already gets enough advice and such from everyone else. I am just here to give her encouragement and to listen to her when she needs it! She is awesome and I love her so much! 

Side note, I think this is funny. I have told some stories about Elder Nielson and sister Horn from highschool to Sister Gillins, and just explained how they were my good friends and all. And then, I told her, completely unrelated, about what President McClellan said in the last line or so of my setting apart blessing about my husband laboring to build up the kingdom of Zion, so basically being on a mission. And the first thought that she had/said, "oh, I think your going to marry Elder Nielson." It made me laugh. I basically told her, yeah you and the rest of the world! (I feel like kelly would laugh at this :) ) 

The work has been slower. We have only taught a handful of lessons in the past couple weeks because people keep falling through. The elders left us with a lot of investigators, but the notes on them are very small, and many of them they made investigators after meeting them on the streets. So, yeah. BUT we are working hard! Yesterday I was so tired. I think part of that is because it wasn't Prep day like it normally is. I was feeling a little down towards the evening. Just feeling like we are doing anything! In my evening prayer to my Heavenly Father, I laid it all out there for him. I love the comfort and the guidance I received. He reminded me of our investigator that came to church. He also reminded me of the great potentials we will be meeting with later this week. And then he lovingly brought to my mind ways that I can improve in my work so that we can see great success in this area. Now, I just have to have the courage to do those things. (Thank you for all the talks on courage! I am excited to read them!) :) 

What I like to call, "Business Items" :) 
- President Clayton is helping us to become more dedicated and consecrated missionaries. As I said during the skype call, I really appreciate his way of leading because he continues to refer us back to the missionary handbook which was inspired and written by prophets and apostles of the Lord. One thing that he has brought to our attention, and is asking us to implement from here on out, is that, as said in the white handbook, pg 37, our skype calls home for Christmas and Mother's Day are only to be 30-40 min long. I know this does not apply for a while, but I wanted to let you know, so that you will be able to help me be obedient come December! Sometimes, sacrifice is tough. But, I really want to be exactly obedient, and so that is a step that needs to be taken to help with that! AND, if you would like, I could start forwarding you our President's weekly emails so that you can be in touch with all the awesome things going on! Just let me know :) 
-I have allergies here! :( Sister Gillins has been letting me use some of her allergy stuff because mine does not work as well.. It is really just a stuffy/runny nose. Just annoying. But I was wondering if you might be able to figure out what exactly it is for me so I can get some more! She doesn't remember what it is... on the back is written : "Cetirizinr HCI 10 mg tablets Antihistamine Distributed by: PL Developments Westbury, NY 11590" They are non-drowsy, 24 hour tablets :)                                                                                  -I Love you! 

Anyways, that is about all! I hope all is going well down there! Dad, I hope you are feeling better! I keep the family in my prayers, and pray for everyone by name. There is such power in prayer! 

I love it out here! I am learning and growing and truly striving to be the best missionary I can be! Have a great week though! 

Lots of Love!             Sister Robison            (man, I did good this week with the letter writing!) 

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  1. Sister Gillin's Letter

    Tuesday, May 19, 2015
    So yesterday was Victoria day! Thats when we celebrate Queen Victoria. Like no stores or nothin was open yesterday. Thats why we have P-day today! But over the past few days there has been tons of fireworks!! It fun because we live at the top of our apartment building and we have these big windows, so right before we go to bed we just look out and watch the fireworks :) Its fun!! I cant wait till July 1st though! I am hoping there will be some pretty cool ones!

    So Sister Robison and I have been getting pretty crafty with our meals! We are sick of just sandwiches.. So we are making some fun stuff!! The other day we made some pretty sweet homemade stroganoff! We were lacking in a few ingredients.. but I was pretty proud of ourselves for how well it turned out!! We are also making some fun casseroles and pasta salads!! :D

    I don't really know what to say about this week .. Oh ya! I saw 2 red-headed Asians this week!! I don't remember if any of you remember how I was obsessed with finding a red-headed Asian.. but I finally did!! Dreams really do come true!

    So this week we found a sweet new investigator! We were out with one of our members from Kenya! She speaks Swahili!! So anyways.. our appointment bombed and we were standing in the lobby looking at our back up plans trying to figure out what to do.. then all the sudden a man walks by and starts to get in the elevator. Well he said something to our member in Swahili and then they just started talking!! He eventually allowed us to all come up to his apartment. We were able to teach him about the restoration! Then we committed him to read the Book of Mormon and to come to church!! He came to church this week and loved it!! :) The ward was really amazing at fellow shipping him and just being a friend!
    We also went and found 2 less active families this week!! We invited them out to church and they both came!! It was so fun to see the people you love come to partake of the sacrament and be edified by the spirit!! :D

    There is also this beautiful quote that I read this week!!
    "There is neither man or woman in this church who is not on a mission. That mission will last as long as they live, and it is to do good, to prompt righteousness, to teach the principles or truth, and to prevail upon themselves and everybody around them to live those principles that they may obtain eternal life."

    I am grateful for the work of many to help bring people to the gospel!!
    Sister Gillins