Thursday, October 22, 2015

Week 17 - Patience, Endurance, and Faith

                                                                                                                                      May 25th, 2015
Hello everyone! This week was good! Lots of learning and growing as
always! I believe I have swallowed a minimum of 30 gnats... Protein! hehe :)

Like I said, lots of learning and growing this week! (I need a new
phrase.. haha) I feel like the Lord really wants me to learn patience,
and test my faith a little. Things in our area are going okay, but not
great. This past week, I have been working on internalizing that this
is the Lord's work, and not ours. I have been striving to do what He
wants done. We have been struggling with finding solid investigators.
We have a few investigators, and they are all flaky. We are out, but
when ever we are out, no one else is! haha go figure. It has been a
little tough! But, that is okay. I am being humbled. My prayers are
becoming more heart felt and more real. I am also striving to do what
ever I can to have the spirit with me more so that I can be more in
tune to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. I have to be more
consecrated so that I can listen to the spirit and be guided to those
who are ready to be baptized. I am extending my faith to find!

On the other side though, we were working in an area, and decided to
drop by a few members for a quick visit. Both of the members we
dropped by expressed to us that they have neighbors or friends that
they were planning on inviting to church/ to learn about the gospel.
One of the members got back to us on Sunday saying her friend agreed,
and they just needed to set up a time, and she would give us a call!
It has been amazing to see the Etobicoke ward become more missionary
minded. Between the companionships, we are starting to see many member
referrals! As we have been working with the ward members, they have
begun to become more missionary minded, and have begun to open their
mouths. The members in this area are awesome and I am so grateful for
their examples! I love them all so much.

It has been super interesting, and a little hard, to be working so
close to my last area. The South area is just booming! It is awesome
to hear about the progress all the investigators and returning members
are making! They are doing great work down there, and sometimes it is
a little hard to see that they have been doing really well, and we
have been struggling. But, I then have to remember that there is a
reason why they are there, and I am here. The Lord is perfect, and
this is His work, so, I need to trust in Him. I did all that I could
do in that area, and now, it is time for me to labor in this part of
His vineyard. Keeping this in mind has really helped me! :) I love
being able to just turn it all over to the Lord. Learning to fully
trust in Him brings peace, happiness, and joy. Especially when things
don't go how we think they should!

But, overall, I am doing well! I love my companion. We have a lot of
fun together! We are really good at being effective and know when to
be goofy, and when not  to be. I am grateful for her, and am learning
a lot from her! I also finished the Book of Mormon this week! And, I
am excited to begin reading it again!

This week, I have learned a lot of neat and random, and possibly
pointless things!

For example, I learned from an awesome Member Missionary, Jimmy
Vasquez, that one of my old Zone Leaders is Elder Sommerfeldt's great
grandson! So great.
I also learned that one day, I want to visit Barbados. it sounds awesome.
Next, I learned that Raccoon's are very clever.
Lastly, I learned that Fufu, an African food, is like a soup with rice
balls in it and you don't chew it, but just swallow? I am still
unclear about it all. But, hopefully I will be able to have it one day
and clarify that... :)

Anyways, I hope you have a great week! Keep rocking! and being cool!
and all that good stuff!

much love,

Sister Robison

-We helped a ward member move somethings this week. Only thing was,
none of us had a car, so bus it was! :)

Hollo Family!

Kara, those dogs are sweet! I have two ideas, 1.Keep them! keep them!
keep them! Keep them! 2. pray about it. ;)

This past week, a young couple in our ward had a baby boy, and they
named him Jacob Walker Perlas. Walker, because Sister Perlas thinks it
is cute, and because it's after Luke Sky-Walker. So basically, they
are awesome. haha!

Mom and Dad, i will look for that at the store. Thank you! I think my
allerigies are starting to calm down. I actually havent taken anything
the past few days, and i have been fine. But, it is good to know! Dad,
I totally read through my patriarchal blessing this morning. I love
it. It has such good advice, and really helps me to put everything in
perspective again. I also love using that analogy with the glove/ body
and hand/spirit. We try not to use object lessons and analogies too
much in the mission. By not explaining every little detail, it allows
time and the opportunity for the spirit to teach them and help them
understand, which is actually really neat! We do occasionally use them
though when an investigator just does not understand. So, thank you
for that! :)

Karly, my advice to you about dance and all is to fast and pray about
it, and then follow how you feel about it! You will make the right
decision. I know it! :)

Kelly and Nate, you two are butts for not writing me. But that is
okay. I forgive you. Kelly, when you guys go to Yellowstone this year,
you should buy me an Animal T-shirt. Preferably with a beaver on it
Nate, give me advice! Help me out here son! and, what is going on in
your new RM life? Is it weird to just like be alone? with no one? Is
it weird sleeping by yourself? Do you feel apostate when you watch
movies and listen to music? and, are you still studying for an hour a
day!?! lemme know!
Kelly, you are less of a butt because I just saw that you wrote me!
yay! I am debating cutting my hair for the summer, or letting it grow
long and be beautiful and luscious. We will see. Part of it is that I
am too lazy to take time out of my prep day to get a cut. or trim. So,
it will probably remain long!
Dad, let Kelly get worked on! I don't want her pain turning chronic!
(I got yo back kellsters! btw, did you ever find that necklace you
gave me that never made it into my luggage? :0 )

As for my knees, and walking, dont worry about it! We are doing great.
My knees rarely ever hurt me! Tender Mercies!

President Clayton was going to come out teaching with us last night,
but then our investigator called and said he wouldn't be home for the
appointment. And then our back up plan fell through. and then our back
up back up plan fell through so ya know. Whatcha gonna do? haha We had
to call President and let him know, and he ended up going out with
someone else which is good!

I have been really trying to pray about what I need to do here in
Etobicoke North. I feel like part of it is to work with the ward
members and to help strengthen them. I also feel like we are just
working on planting seeds. Part of the problem is we just don't know
where to go to find. Everytime we try to go somewhere to OYM, no one
is out, and so, we try and work in the area for a little, but then
have to go to our appointment which then falls through. So we will
tract in the area, or apartment building, and usually next to no one
is home, so then we move on to our next planned activity. I know that
as we continue to work things will get better! And we do have a few
investigators we are excited about, it is just tough getting it all
Getting members out with us here is a major struggle because many of
them work 6 days a week, and they all work crazy hours. City life. It
is awesome... :)

It's just funny. I am doing good though. It is only missionary life!
Just a great time of learning and growing for me as a missionary! :)

I am sorry I cannot wait for the rest of your letter mom! President
Clayton has asked us to not spend more than 2 hours emailing. and at
least in this transfer we usually get to the church to email at around
10:40. so, my time is basically up!

But, I love you! Have a great week! let me know how you are all doing!
I love this family letter. I am 100% myself and honest which I love.

But, yeah. Keep rocking, and doing awesome things!! :)

Sister Robison

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  1. Sister Gillin's Letter

    Monday, May 25, 2015
    The Wonders of Buses!!
    I love the buses!! I don’t know why I have been deprived of this opportunity my whole mission! But I am grateful to have it here at the end :D First of all, we had to run to catch the bus here this morning :) I love watching us run, we must look like weirdos!! Two girls in skirts and dresses running with about a 10 pound bag on our side.. OH it’s a joy :)

    Second of all, people are just so funny!! There are two different kinds of people on the buses.. There’s ones who will ignore you no matter how much of a conversation you will try to start and there are people who will just sit down and start telling you their whole life story whether or not you want to hear! I just sit and listen to those people and hear about their crazy hard lives.. And then I offer them a card and they think I’m crazy!! Like this one guy... oh so funny. He gets on and is on the phone and points at the seat next to me and sits down.. he has this long conversation to someone about how he loves her and how he doesn’t like the other girl anymore.. then after the phone call he tells me about the whole situation and how family is super important and that I need to remember that. (He has had a pretty crazy life) Well right before he got off I gave him a card and then he’s like oh boy!! You are one of those brain washed people.. I just smiled and said nope, but this will for sure bless your life. I love to hear about what people think about us as Mormons. It is nice to tell them that what they had heard was wrong and being able to teach them correctly.

    This week we had some fun food!! We got fed spaghetti a lot this week!! :D All super good. But we also got some yummy shwarma!! I love shwarma so much! We also had some yummy spicy rice from a family from Ghana! Next time we come over they said they will make us Fu-Fu! (I think that is how you spell it) So that is really exciting!

    On Saturday we were able to help this man we met on the street with some house work. We had a member come with us and it was really cool to see how much he appreciated what we were doing and how it helped him recognized us as servants of the Lord. As we helped we were able to talk about the gospel and we were able to testify how we are called of God. The spirit was very strong the whole time we were in his house helping him. We were able to make him a new investigator and he is excited to come to church with us next week!! It is fun using different finding ideas and seeing how well they work!!

    We also did service for another member! she was moving and she asked if we could grab some shelving for her from her old house... well we didn’t have a car so we had to take it on the bus with us!! Everyone thought we were lame.. but hey we were doing service!!

    But that is all for now! I love you all so much!!
    Sister Gillins